HAPPY FREAKIN’ FRIDAY! …Unless you’re not reading this on a Friday, then HAPPY freakin’ whatever-day-you’re-reading-this-blogpost. Apart from Monday. In which case, ugh, Mondays. I am feeling your struggle! There’s no denying it, Mondays suck. We no likey Mondays.

But, picture this. It’s the weekend and I love making cocktails. I love trying different flavours but I am the first to admit that I am no good at it. I don’t like sticking to recipes, I make it up as I go along… and that’s probably why it taste vile 99% of the time.

I think it’s because I get overexcited about the whole thing. “I’ll just add a bit more gin, and maybe more syrup, and lets mash this strawberry to pulp. No… that doesn’t taste right. Have to balance it out now. I’m going to add some juice. How about some lemonade?” And before you know, the whole damn thing has turned brown with fruity lumps floating in it, foamin’ and bubblin’ like a potion in a witches’ cauldron.
quick and easy cocktails

Cocktails Made Easy!

Since being introduced to Funkin Cocktail* this time last year, I’ve been able to make myself, my friends and my sisters some TASTY drinks. It allows me to ‘cheat’ and make cocktails within seconds. The fun is in the garnishing, anyway! And with the time saved, you can be as creative as you want. Go big! The best thing about Funkin Cocktails is that they are the only 100% natural cocktail mixers on the market with no additives, preservatives, colourings or flavourings. 
They offer a wide variety of cocktail mixers, purees and syrups – all you have to do is add the alcohol in. Lately, though, I’ve enjoyed it most without alcohol and I think I’m just going to go tee total from now on because alcohol gives me stomach cramp 🙁 
As the cartons don’t contain any alcohol, they were the perfect non-alcoholic drinks for my sister’s baby shower. If you’re hosting any kind of event, party, get-together or BBQ’s, let Funkin Cocktails help you impress your guests because all you have to do is garnish them, really! My FAVE is the Pina Colada but I also love their Strawberry Daiquiri too! Their newest flavours are Elderflower Collins, and Raspberry Mojito! Sounds so great for the Summer!

cocktails made easy
Aside from drinks, you can use their flavoured syrups and fruit purees on food such as yoghurt, or pancakes. They Funkin Cocktails is available from Harvey Nichols, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s (I think!) but it’s actually best to order online on Funkin Cocktails website because those cartons are heavvvvyyyy!
Enjoy responsibly, obvs!
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11 thoughts on “Cocktails For The Weekend!

  1. These are such a fab suggestion for a baby shower – thanks for the inspiration! Plus the cartons are pretty 🙂

    I find alcohol started to give me cramps too. Not sure what is all about…?

  2. I've just got some to try and I am most excited about the Elderflower Colins… because, well, GIN obvs! They sound great as cocktails too, though! lovely pictures darling. I can't wait to do mine (I have just got to get the big box from the office to my house first… haha) xx

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