If only it was possible that using Nip + Fab products could actually turn you in to their brand ambassador, Kylie Jenner. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Unfortunately, it doesn’t have such powers but it does do a mighty good job with making your skin look radiant and amazing.
nip and fab skincare

My Top Picks: 4 Nip + Fab Hero Products

Nip + Fab is a nice brand to make the transition from high street brand to premium skincare, their formulas are revolutionary and they use innovative ingredients to target skin problems whatever they may be. The branding is also quite trendy and fun, and unlike it’s sister company, Rodial, Nip + Fab’s prices are so affordable and that makes the jump in to the world of premium skincare a natural step up.
You can check out the Boots page and see which range would suit your skintype the best (it’s currently on offer too!) but if you were wondering what my recommendations are (and I bet you were DYING to know……), here are some of my recommendations from the brand:
nip and fab dragon's blood cleansing pads
Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads* (for dehydrated skin), £9.95

For the longest time, I thought this was made from actual dragon’s blood and that put me off buying it! So stupid, I know. Dragons don’t exist (but what if they do?!) But ‘Dragon’s Blood’ that Nip + Fab have used is a resin from a rare species of trees called Dracaena Cinnabari (or simply, Dragon’s Blood Tree). It ‘bleeds’ a thick, deep red substance that resembles fresh blood. Freaky.
Luckily, Nip + Fab’s Dragon’s Blood range doesn’t look anything like blood. The cleansing pads, as you can see, are white soaked with clear running cleanser, and contains this unique Dragon’s Blood ingredient to help comfort and restore the skin’s hydration. It also features hyaluronic acid which is great in retaining moisture in skin. If you have dehydrated, dry skin, I would try this range a try.
It’s best to use these Cleansing Pads on clean skin and one pad is enough to clean the whole face… unless you’re thinking of removing make-up with them, in the case you’ll probably need about ten pads because the pads are made of very thin material and are only 55mm in diameter. It’s actually not made to be make-up remover, however, it will remove the last traces of make-up you may have missed.
nip and fab kale clay mask
Glycolic Scrub Fix* (for dull skin), £9.95
This creamy, grapefruit-scented face scrub is formulated with 3% glycolic acid and salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells off your face, revealing brighter, healthier skin. If you consider your skin lack-lustre in appearance for whatever reason, Nip + Fab Glycol Scrub Fix might just do the trick in helping you get that radiant glow.
It has small and sparse particles which leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth but be careful not to overdo the scrubbing as it can irritate skin. I used to think that the longer I scrub, the better the results – but that’s not the case at all. A gentle, slow scrub for 15-20 seconds will do the trick, and add water if starts to feels too abrasive.
Rinse away with a lot of water and pat the skin dry to eliminate any irritation. Your skin is delicate at the best of times but more so when you’ve just used a face scrub or exfoliator. 
Whenever you use any forms of AHA – including glycolic acid, please please please don’t forget to use an SPF for at least a week afterwards. AHA makes your skin susceptible to sun damage so don’t forget to protect it with a sunscreen – come rain or shine! 
It’s a really great face scrub I use this only once a week followed by a face mask.
The salicylic acid in this face scrub provides a deep cleanse for pores, so always apply a face was afterwards to prevent a breakout.
Kale Fix Clay Mask* (to restore)
Kale is THE super food of the moment but it’s now also used in our beauty products such as nail polish and now skincare. Usually, clay masks are recommended if you have oily skin as it purifies the skin by absorbs and soaks up oil. But this one from Nip + Fab is best suited for dry and dull skin! A clay-based mask for dry skin – who knew such a thing could exist! 
Nip + Fab’s Kale Fix Clay Mask contains kale extract which is rich in vitamins A, C and K to help reinvigorate skin. And also watercress extract for it’s softening properties and to prevent skin from drying. It is also enriched with minerals and witch hazel to tackle blemishes by decongesting skin.
Unlike other clay masks that I’ve used, this doesn’t set in to a hard shell and you don’t get that tightening sensation. Your skin feels so great after using Kale Fix Clay Mask!
nip and fab frown fix
Viper Venom Frown Fix* (for fine lines), £12.95
Nip + Fab know their stuff when it comes for fixing frowns and filling lines! There was such a massive hype over the first Nip + Fab Frown Fix in 2011, that it sold out straight away. With a waiting list of 8,000 members anticipating (patiently) for the restock, it was clear that this ‘miracle’ beauty product deserved a try.
Now repackaged, rebranded and maybe with a new and improved formula, Viper Venom Frown Fix uses SYN-AKE, a viper venom-like ingredient to freeze lines – mimicking the effects of botox, I guess.
nip and fab frown fix
Viper Venom Frown Fix reduces the appearance of fine lines by boosting collagen product to plump and blur our wrinkles. At first, I thought this looks quite neat, and then it dawned on me before I even pulled the lid off that this might be a brush applicator. I know how some people can be put off by brushes like this when it comes to skincare, but I don’t really mind it. If you’re a germaphobe, you can simply apply with fingers instead of the brush. Use Frown Fix on any areas you feel necessary to target expression lines and wrinkles.
4 Nip + Fab Hero Products
Nip + Fab are available from Boots and selected items are currently on offer right now!
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