Cold weather causing havoc on your skin? Get your skin back to good shape this season with some of these winter beauty essentials! And stocking up on winter beauty essentials doesn’t seem like a bad idea when you live in a country that is known for its temperamental weather!
Here are some of my favourite winter beauty essentials that I’ve been using this past 3 months:

Winter Beauty Essentials
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Food
Sugar Crush is a delicious, mouth-watering scent from Soap & Glory and you can now buy it in the form of a hand cream! Their Hand Food is an award-winning formula of shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow to soothe dry and chapped hands.
Hand Food is also available in Soap & Glory’s Original Pink scent (bergamot and rose) and also Smoothie Star (a gourmand scent of almond, sweet vanilla and pistachio) – I can’t get enough of it!
Roger & Gallet Lait Sorbet in Gingembre Rouge*
Whenever I can, I prefer to swap a rich body butter for an equally moisturising lotion that’s lighter in consistency. This lovely Roger & Gallet body lotion (£14)  feels light on skin and not overpowering in scent.
Whilst it’s a warm fragrance, it is also fruity and floral. The formula is enriched with aloe vera and pomegranate oil – but the best thing about it is consistency and how it sinks it to your skin without that annoyingly greasy, sticky feeling.
It’s also ever-so lightly pearlised to give skin a healthy luminous glow.
Trind Softening Hand Mask*
Got dry, cracked skin on your hands? You’ll need a hand mask!
If hand cream isn’t doing the job during winter, why not try a hand mask? Trind Softening Hand Mask contains panthenol and macadamia nut oil to gently care and regenerate the skin on your hands.
It’s a rich cream that you slather all over your hands and leave for 5 minutes. To remove, simply run your hands under cool water. The downside is that you do need that extra 5 mins to sit and do nothing. But you will have hydrated hands afterwards!
Claudia Louch Mint Exfoliating Facial Polish
Claudia Louch Mint Exfoliating Facial Polish*
This is a mint exfoliator (£59) that also contains apricot oils, lemon, apple, allow vera, green tea, sugar cane and seaweed.
The mint in the exfoliator felt very refreshing on skin but beware not to accidentally get this in your eyes (ouch).
It’s gentle enough for all skin types and can be used up to 3 times a week, but I suggest using half the recommended amount if you have sensitive skin. I found the scrubby bits a bit scratchy when my skin was going through a sensitive phase but other than that, it worked well to polish away dead skincells to reveal healthy looking skin.
Bee Good Raspberry and White Chocolate Lip Balm
Bee Good Raspberry and White Chocolate Lip Balm*
This is an exciting product because it was part of a project that involved bloggers.
Bee Good launched a competition last year calling for help from beauty bloggers and vloggers to submit their dream lip balm scent. The Great British Lip Balm flavours were shortlisted and opened to a public vote to find the eventual winner.
I voted to Joseph Harwood’s creation, who was voted as the eventual winner. Joseph’s Raspberry & White Chocolate Lip Balm smells delicious, just like the real thing.
LUSH Blousey Banana Shampoo
LUSH Blousey Banana Shampoo*
This is the first time I’ve tried a hair product from LUSH and I’m glad it was with Blousey!
This shampoo is made from bananas and this is obvious in its texture, appearance and the smell. Like mashed-up bananas, basically.
It doesn’t foam up but it is surprisingly cleansing and light on hair. No signs of build-up or greasy hair after using this. AND it leaves hair feeling clean even after the 3rd day!
Blousey is great for dry, colour damaged and fragile hair. This tub is small but it lasted up to 10 washes. Great hair product to give your hair some TLC.
Models Own HyperGel in shade Paradise Pink

Models Own HyperGel in shade Paradise Pink
Strictly speaking, not an winter essential, and certainly not for skin! But well-manicured nails could be what you’re looking for after you’ve nursed your dry hands back to life!
I came across Models Own Hypergel when I was searching for a cheaper version of Essie’s Fiji – a creamy white pink. It’s a nice dupe and half the price. A nice match for Essie’s Fiji and it makes a cool winter white.
What winter beauty essentials do you recommend for the cold season?
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9 thoughts on “Winter Beauty Essentials

  1. My skin has been so bad with the cold weather. I've just bought some beauty oil to add some extra hydration.
    The banana shampoo sounds good. I think I may try that as a treatment with it being a bit expensive for a small tub 🙂

    Bex x

  2. Hand mask? This sounds so amazing! I have tried so many hand creams but I havent heard of hand masks until now! Thanks for sharing this!

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