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I’m not a lovey-dovey kind of gal, so everything relating to Valentine’s Day make my insides curdle like milk that’s been left in the fridge for 2 months (Mm. YUM). But I have softened up in the past couple of years, though. I can’t be expected to be that cold-hearted for the rest of my life! The thing about Valentine’s Day is that whether you have a Valentine or not, the cliches are all getting a bit tiresome now. Although the only cliche I’ll make an exception for are chocolates and prosecco. I welcome that combination any day of my life!
I didn’t want to put together a typical Valentine’s Gift Guide, so instead, I’ve chosen non-mushy, non-sickly and lingerie-free pressies that make suitable gifts for your single BFF or for us single girls to buy for ourselves. Because we don’t want to miss out on the (shopping) action. I mean, those heart-shaped chocolates displayed at shop window are calling out to me. And that pretty-in-pink bottle of designer perfume they’ve got on offer? It totally has my name on it…. It would be rude not to!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For BFFs and Single Gals
Oh yeah, these look sexxyyyyy af. I’ve been eyeing these bad boys up for quite some time but I haven’t actually checked these out in person, so I don’t know what the sound quality is like. And since they’re pricy, I’d expect them to be pretty good. But who really cares when they look as BEAUTIFUL as that.
$20 AUD
This is a must-have for all #GirlBosses. I first saw this on Instagram or Pinterest ages ago, and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. This gold foil print is from Miss Poppy Designs who is based in Australia. $20 AUD works at about £14 GBP which is an absolute bargain for a gorgeous print like this (frame not included). 

From £27 for 70g or £44 for 190g
I was surprised to see this Diptyque collaboration with French designer, Olympia Le-Tan. I would never have thought they’d go in the fun, playful direction but sometimes that’s what love can do to ya, I guess! In the name of Valentine’s, Diptyque have launched a capsule range consisting of a candle, perfume, and a bar of soap. And what a very luxurious that soap is! The scent is predominately rose, with traces of lipstick (whatever scent that may be!) and a subtle warm of leather. Oooh, kinky.
Bloggers love their marble! Me included! A new laptop would be marvelous (Hello, my imaginary Valentine. Are you listening?) but I’ll settle for a marble effect laptop case until I save enough money to buy a new MacBook for myself!
I don’t need no diamonds or sparkly gems. Nope. It means nothing to me. Instead, I would make me the happiest if I was presented with this teeny tiny dinosaur pendant necklace, cute jewellery for the win! I am obsessed with Estelle Bartlett jewellery, in particular the necklaces. They are all just LOVELY!
From £6
I don’t crave chocolate like some people, but I can’t deny how happy it makes me to receive (or buy myself) a nice box of chocolates. Thorntons have a selection of gift choices that range from £6 for a small box of chocolates to a huge hamper that’s currently reduced to £30 for a limited time only. The hamper will make ANYONE jump for joy. I recommend the Signature Gift Bundle or Loads of Chocolate Hamper. PS. NOT SHARING!! #sorrynotsorry.
I saw this pair of earrings at John Lewis last month and they are so cute and tiny! I’ve been wanting a pair of earrings that I can wear every day and these are perfect. There’s also a pair of stars which I’m adding to my wishlist.
These phone covers are cute, right? They’re from Casetify – and just a warning for you… once you’re on their site browsing for a new phone cover, you’ll be scrolling for ages trying to decide on which one to buy. There are so many and I just want them all! They arrive beautifully packaged box, perfect for gifting!
I have only ever tried one product from Origins, and even though I have a lot of skincare already, I would love to add more Origins to it! Original Skin Mask is a 2-in-1 re-texturising mask made with Mediterranean Rose Clay, Canadian Willow Herb, and exfoliating Jojoba beads to provide deep cleanse and refine the skin’s texture. It sounds great, I’m going to buy this when I’ve ran out of my current face mask.
I can’t get enough of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, and if you’ve never tried it before, I urge you to give it a go immediately! It is a life-changer, it cleared up my skin like no other cleanser I’ve used before. Having clear skin gives a big oomph to your confidence, so in that sense, I’d say that Liz Earle cleanser makes the perfect gift for your girlfriend, BFF’s, sister, your sad kick-ass single friend. Just anyone! SHOWER THEM WITH THIS CLEANSER!
11. Paul & Joe Beaute Lipstick (shade Sun Kissed 097)
I don’t think that Paul & Joe cosmetics is an obvious choice to make when buying a make-up for someone. Probably because it’s not pushed in our faces or raved about enough – but it does deserve all the attention it gets because Paul & Joe is the whole damn package. Pretty designs, highly pigmented, reasonable price, TICK, TICK, AND TICK!
What do you think of my little gift guide?
Are you a fan of Valentine’s?
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