I like to think that I can make good use of a budget so when House Of Fraser asked me to pick a make-up product under £30, I was tempted to go for a new bottle of foundation that I’ve been dying to try or a perhaps a lipstick but there’s something about being on a budget that makes me look for something that’s really worth every single penny.

Choices, choices! Did I want to go for a eyeshadow palette? Or maybe a small set of make-up brushes? SO MUCH MAKE-UP TO CHOOSE FROM! In the end, as you can see, I opted for a make-up gift set and when it comes to gift sets, you simply can’t go wrong with Benefit!

Benefit Cosmetics Sugarlicious

 Benefit Cosmetics Sugarlicious For A Simple Nude Look

Being a huge fan of Benefit, I love all of the Benefit beauty kits so it was hard to whittle it down to one, but I eventually decided to pick Sugarlicious* (£25.50).

This was because it consisted of four miniature versions of their beauty heroes that need no introduction, but also because 3 out of the 4 were the first Benefit products I ever bought. I think the Sugarbomb lipgloss is fairly recent otherwise I’m sure I would’ve bought that one too.

So, anyway, for nostalgic values, I thought that Benefit’s Sugarlicious gift set would make a nice gift to myself! I’m forever yearning for the good old days – anything to make me feel like I’m 21 again!

benefit's beauty heroes
Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint
A liquid cheek and lip tint, but I don’t like using it on my lips, I only ever use this on my cheeks. It can be quite difficult to use at first but if you apply three strokes to the apple of your cheeks (like cat whiskers) and use your finger to pat it over your skin in a circular motion, you should get a subtle that blusher look.

I love Benetint but the only annoying thing is having red finger tips once you’re done – but have some face wipes or make up remover handy, it will come right off your hands.

Sugarbomb Lipgloss
Two or three years ago, Benefit launched a range of lip glosses that matched their blushers. I fell out of love with lipgloss a long time ago but as I love Sugarbomb as a blusher, I’m sure I would like it as a shimmery nude lipgloss.

No matter how much a brand claims their lipgloss isn’t sticky, I still feel that they are to some degree a tacky consistency. Sticky and tacky enough to get hair stuck to your lips on a windy day – that’s the factor that puts me off using a lipgloss the most. Damn you, England, and ya windy, gusty ways!

High Beam Liquid Highlighter
I’ve not bought High Beam in quite a while because I’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative – but this is a make-up product that I always go back to time and time again. If you buy one thing from Benefit, make it High Beam.

High Beam is a great, pink-toned, luminescent liquid highlighter. I put it over my cheeks before applying powder blusher. It gives a lovely, dewy glow but it also makes the powder blusher lasts longer throughout the day too. 

If you don’t like that lustre finish, then keep your eyes peeled for Shy Beam – the matte version of High Beam. I don’t know when (or if) Benefit is launching this product but it’s currently available in The Operation Pore-Proof Kit.
benefit sugarbomb blusher
Sugarbomb Blusher
Talking of powder blush, Sugarbomb is a total beauty. I featured it here alongside 6 of my favourite blushers. You can read a little bit more about it on that blogpost. I think it’s a blush that suits everyone because it’s not vibrant and scary!

Even though I’d love to try the other Box o’ Powder blushers from Benefitt, I always repurchase Sugarbomb. I have my eyes on Hervana but I’ll wait until I’ve finished Sugarbomb. Oh, and I never ever use the brush that comes with these boxed blushers. I am a creature of habit when it comes to make-up brushes.

Benefit’s Sugarlicious is available from House Of Fraser for £25.50.

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5 thoughts on “Try 4 Benefit’s Hero Products In The Sugarlicious Set

  1. I love the little Benefit mini kits, I have a couple myself. I rarely finish any make-up other than foundation or mascara so they're perfect for me! Sugarbomb looks like a gorgeous blush.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  2. Looks so amazing!!!! X I was given a Benefit set for Christmas and I have been using it every since! It has four nice eye shadows and I love them so much.

    X natalierohman.blogspot.com

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