It has been ages since I used a LUSH bath bomb or bubble bar, I think the last time was Christmas (as in 2014). My obsession with the brand had died down mainly because the flat I was living in had one bath tub between 7 of us (ugh) so there was only ever enough time to have quick showers but also because I was always gravitating towards the same products every time I was in the store, so it got a bit boring and samey-samey. But this little haul has reminded me how much I love using LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars, and I managed to get some bits for my Birthday, ones I’ve never tried before. And now I’m back in the comfort of my OWN home, I can have all the bubble baths I want, whenever I want.


I’ll try and remember to do a follow up blogpost on a couple of them when I get round to using them, especially the bath bombs as I’m sure those who haven’t used these ones before might like to know what they look like once immersed in to water. To be honest, I know I’m going to forget to take my camera with me when I’m having a bath so I might just microblog it on Instagram or Snapchat – add me, my username is @tempsec on both accounts.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb
Intergalactic Bath Bomb, £3.95
Intergalactic is predominately a bright blue with strips of neon yellow and pink swirling around the bath bomb. I bet it looks amazing in the water! For a sizzle and sparkle (a lot of sparkly, apparently!), it contains poppy candy and a shimmery gold lustre. Intergalactic has grapefruit oil, peppermint oil, vetivert oil, and cedarwood oil for a refreshing, invigorating and woody scent. I can’t wait to use it!
The Experimenter Bath Bomb
The Experimenter Bath Bomb, £3.95
I first saw this bath bomb in their Oxford Street store and at the time, it was an exclusive to their flagship store. I’m glad that they’ve rolled the exclusives out in all of their stores. Here is what The Experimenter bath bomb looks like in water, it’s pretty! I particular like that it’s hexagon and not circular. The Experimenter has a soothing and slightly sweet scent from the vanilla and tonka absolute.
Big Bang Bubble Bar
Big Bang Bubble Bar, £3.75
I think this one is my new favourite! It’s really lemon-y and makes such a nice change to the typical ‘floral’ scent! Made with avocado butter for it’s nourishing properties. And also grapefruit oil, tangerine oil and lemon myrtle oil for a beautifully zesty fragrance. I can usually slice the bubble bars in half or thirds to get more use out of them.
Lady Bird Bubble Bar
Lady Bird Bubble Bar, £3.95
Aw, this lady bird is well cute! I could be wrong but I think this might be a Mother’s Day special. Out of all the ones I have in this haul, this one smells the strongest. It has a very strong, earthy, floral kick followed by a hint of sweet peppermint. I love the mint in it, I hope that LUSH makes more minty bath products like this!
Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar
Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar, £4.95
Dunk this under the running tap and watch it create bubbles! This tea bath inspired bubble bar is white so if you’re bothered about coloured bath water and possible stains, then try Flowering Tea. The scent is powdery yet leafy and indeed flowery (hm, good descriptions there, Sarah!) It’s a pleasant fragrance but not my favourite.
Pink Flamingo Bubble bar
Pink Flamingo Bubble bar, £5.95
Oh, now we’re talking! This is everything I want in a LUSH product; Bright pink, flamingo shaped, sweet-smellin’! It’s perfect and I love it! If you’re a fan of Snow Fairy, you’ll love Pink Flamingo. I wish this was a bit bigger for what it costs but it’s too cute to ignore. It smells delicious!
What are you LUSH recommendations?

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13 thoughts on “A New LUSH Haul

  1. Fab picks Sarah! <3 Loving your photos too! <3 I have also bought the intergalactic and I am yet to use it. Will you be doing any individual reviews?

  2. I really wanna try the lush bombs, but at the same time it looks a little intimidating (the colors are way too beautiful, does it stain the tub?)
    the flowering tea one looks like an entry level product, perhaps I should try the white ones first!

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