8 Current Beauty Favourites
It’s really hard to narrow my beauty favourites down to just 8 because I’ve had a lot of new things to over Christmas and New Year, and I’ve been trying several products all Winter to try and ’fix’ my skin! But I’ve whittled it down to eight, a couple from brands we all know, but mostly from beauty brands that are the lesser-known. 

8 Beauty Favourites

christian lacroix bijou perfume

I’ve been using this perfume, Bijou by Christian Lacroix, almost everyday for the past 5 months and I absolutely adore it. The scent of Bijou is sweet, light and feminine.
It looks, feels and smells expensive – but it is in fact an affordable £20 from Avon! I honestly highly recommend it if you like vanilla based perfumes. This one smells GORGEOUS. Read my full review of Christian Lacroix Bijou here.

best sheer lipsticks and tinted lip balm

Soap & Glory Gloss Stick in Berry Gorgeous (£3.50)
This Soap & Glory Gloss Stick is a limited edition shade and was part of their free gift offer back in December and I guess due to the fact that it was in a free gift, this particular gloss stick isn’t anywhere near as pigmented as Soap & Glory’s regular gloss sticks. But that’s actually why I like it. I like sheer lipsticks these days and this one gives the right amount of red that my skintone can handle. I really like how easy it is to wear. The sheerness reminds me more the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons, a lip product that I LOVED and has now been discontinued (sad face).
Limited edition Berry Gorgeous a sheer, dark red which looks perfect with my Winter make-up and outfits. I love how moisturising it is, it provides the right amount of colour for the day time and it doesn’t dry my lips out either. Shame it’s limited edition though.
Some may describe BeneBalm as an overpriced tinted lip balm but I call it my FAVOURITE RED BALMY LIPSTICK. I’ve yet to find my perfect red (in colour and formula) but this is the closest I will get for now. 
I love it for it’s moisturising and hydrating formula, I’ve used this a lot in the past 6 months in particular and it’s just a little stump now. It might be the first lipstick/balm I have ever managed to finish!
The colour isn’t too heavy but it’s not weak either. If you have pale skin (like me) and can’t wear bright lipsticks often, BeneBalm might be a great option for you too.
favourite skincare products

I don’t use micellar water on a daily basis but I have it on hand for days when I can get away with a light cleanse. Micellar is a cleansing water which also removes make-up and tones your skin. 
From experience, I don’t think that all micellar water are good at removing all traces of make-up and this Embroylisse one doesn’t quite have the power to get it all off (and I’m not overly fussed about that as I have couple of bottles of make-up remover to go through) but what’s important to me when using this kind of skincare is how it makes my skin feel.
Some of the micellar cleansing waters I’ve used in the past have left me with a weird-feeling residue on my face. However, Embroylisse Lotion Micellaire, which ingredients include glycerin, cornflower, chamomile and witch-hazel water, passes the test in making my skin feel refreshed and clean. It doesn’t replace my full cleansing routine but it is a convenient product to have for the odd one or two lazy evenings.
Luxsit Anti-Blemish Gel* (£19 for 30ml)
I was given a couple of small 9ml tubes of Luxsit’s Anti-Blemish Gel to try and now it goes everywhere with me. I seem to get the odd spots the night before important occasions so I am never without a spot treatment
Luxsit Anti-Blemish Gel has white willow back and salicylic acid to help the gel works immediately to reduce the size of spots or flare-up. You only need a small amount to dab over blemishes, up to three times a day.
I’m not sure how many of you have heard of Beaute Mediterranea but the brand’s identity is inspired by the form of a doctor prescription. Beaute Mediterranea develops skincare that is highly concentrated that works with immediate effect, you get the quality of a high end product sold at an affordable mid-range price.
Their High Tech Hyaluronic Eye Contour Cream is only £34.50 – for an effective eye cream, that’s extremely affordable compared to a premium competitor brand. This eye cream has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and shea butter to plump, protect, smooth and lift. This is my eye cream of choice at the moment.
In the first few applications, you can feel the lift as the skin around your eye tightens. I love it when you can feel it working! 
bee good necta perfecta
Bee Good Necta Perfecta* (£39.95)

Multi-tasking beauty balms have been all the rage and Bee Good have launched their own version of it. There are 4 ways of using Necta Perfecta:
1) Apply to face and boost your complexion.
2) Massage in to scalp to improve hair and scalp hydration.
3) Rub on to your hands and cuticles for healthier looking skin and nails.
4) SOS Mask; apply layers of the balm in to any problematic dry areas (elbow, knees, etc) to soothe and heal.
There are so many Nail HQ treatments to choose from but I’ve been applying a couple of coats of their Protect & Repair this month. I think that nail treatments like this can be kind of gimmicky as I feel it’s ultimately still a nail polish made with a combination of chemicals. But if there’s one brand to make a beeline for, it’s Nail HQ who offer at least 9 different nail treatments, depending on the problem.
Nail HQ’s unique claim is that their treatments are infused with beneficial ingredients that toughens nails. Protect & Repair is a clear nail polish made from root ginger, rice protein, soy protein and hydrolysed collagen.
The idea is to apply one coat per day (don’t worry, it dries very quickly) for 5 days and repeat the process until weak and brittle nails improve in it’s condition. I will continue to use this as my nails feel stronger and doesn’t break as easily anymore.

Have you tried any of these before?
Let me know what beauty recommendations you have and what beauty products you’ve been loving this month! x
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12 thoughts on “8 Current Beauty Favourites

  1. That perfume looks like a right bargain!!
    As for red lipsticks, you should try Blake Liveley Red for for L'oreal. I'd seriously recommend it to everyone! It's pigmented, lasts ages and moisturising and it's the perfect red shade xx

  2. Love the look of those new S&G Lip balms the packaging is so pretty, I wonder what the other shades look like – I'm all for balms in the daytime as they are way more easier / comfortable to wear xx

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