soap and glory lipstick, soap and glory guavarama, soap and glory man trap, soap and glory perfect day

Soap & Glory Lipsticks

Left to right: Guavarama, Man Trap, Perfect Day
I bet most of you didn’t realise that Soap & Glory do lipsticks? And bloomin’ good lipsticks they are too! You would be forgiven for not knowing because due to the popularity of the lipglosses (stealing the limelight) the lipsticks can be overlooked. I actually didn’t think that much about them until I grabbed some freebies from work which included these three beautiful lipsticks.

I’ve had this blogpost in my drafts for couple of months and I thought I had plenty of time to write this up, I’ve read from other beauty bloggers that Soap & Glory may be discontinuing the Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick Satin range. I’ve still seen them in Boots and it’s still available from the Boots website but it they may be phasing it out of the cosmetics range any day now. If that’s true, then it’s time to stock up, girls!

soap and glory man trap
Just look how PRETTY these lipsticks are! Priced at £9.00 each (look out for the 3 for 2 offers), the three shades shown are Guavarama, Man Trap and Perfect Day – all in the satin formulation. They’re pigmented, full-coverage, comfortable, creamy, moisturising, and buzz-free… you can see why I’m gutted to hear they may be discontinuing this range of lippes! It ticks all the right boxes! You’ll be so surprised by them. And with pre-peptides and hyaluronic acid, Soap & Glory claims that their Super-Colour Fabulipstick is ‘collagen-boosting’.
soap and glory lipstick, soap and glory guavarama, soap and glory man trap, soap and glory perfect day
As these were samples I nabbed from work, I didn’t have the choice of colours that would suit me best so I gave Man Trap and Perfect Day to my sister who suited these two shades more than I would, and I kept Guavarama for myself so I’m really sorry that I don’t have all three swatches but hopefully the swatch below will provides you with an idea of how pigmented they are.
soap and glory lipstick, soap and glory guavarama, soap and glory man trap, soap and glory perfect day
(From left to right)
Perfect Day
This is a popular shade. If you’re not brave enough to go for the full-on Kardashian ‘Velvet Teddy’ lip, then why not try Perfect Day? It’s a brown with a cool pink undertone. It’s not a dupe by any means (Perfect Day is a lot more red) but my sister is so in to the Velvet Teddy hype and she says her new favourite lipstick is Perfect Day. 
Man Trap
I actually do with that I kept this shade but hopefully there’s still time to buy this (I’m sure there is!). Man Trap is a gorgeous, striking red. Not for the shrinking violets! If you like a bright, bold lip, track down Man Trap! 

Guavarama (swatch above)
I love the colour of guava flesh and this lipstick is really close to the shade of pink-ness that the inside of guava is. It’s a pretty pink that looks very natural on my skin tone. It lifts the colour of my lips which is perfect for a day time look. Perfect for ladies who are after a subtle lipstick shade.
Make sure you check these lipsticks out on your next trip to Boots before they’re taken off the shelves for good. Buy them online while you still can!

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20 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Lipsticks

  1. Ohhh these are indeed very pretty *___* For some reasons they don't sell Soap&Glory in Germany anymore (at least not at the drugstores) which is quite frustrating -.- Maybe I can still get my hands on one of these lippies

  2. Man trap is my absolute favourite lipstick! My Aunt actually recommended it to me and it was my first Soap and Glory product I'd ever tried! The packaging and formulation is just perfect. I'm so eager to try more Soap and Glory products! x

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

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