Mandara Spa is a luxurious yet affordable range of bath and body care inspired by natural ingredients used in Mandara Spa treatments. I’ve never been to Mandara Spa before but a quick search on Google will tell you where you’ll find them… and it’s with no surprise, their spas are partnered worldwide with luxury resorts such as The Hilton in Honolulu, The Atlantis in Bahamas, and The Marriot in Aruba – sounds SO dreamy and exotic. Literally a million miles from my current sitch. 

Mandara Spa - Bath and Body
BUT…. with these Mandara Spa products, you can kind of pretend you’re in an exotic destination… Ok, I tried, but I’m not kidding anyone here, am I?! Using these products really isn’t going to get you any closer to Hawaii (unfortunately) but the idea is so that you can create the experience in the comfort of your home. But let’s face it, we’d rather to experience it in the comfort of Hawaii. Am I right, ladies? I’m the first to admit it when a product evokes a memory but this just teasing, haha! The only thoughts I have when I’m using this range is “I want to be on holiday”… Well, I better start saving then.

I’ve been using the Bali Santi range and it smells delicious! I was gifted the Getaway Gift Bag which contained three generous travel sized products; a body polish (the exfoliating grains are made from coconut shell), bath creme, and a firming body lotion. I also received a separate full sized bottle of shower gel.

Mandara Spa - Bath and Body
The Bali Santi range features a blend of coconut oil, almond oil, lotus flower milk, and yoghurt. These ingredient combine to nourish, soothe and moisturise. The yoghurt was the one ingredient that intrigued me the most. I feel like this is what gives the range a scent that reminds me of Yakult, which is quite unique (but nice all the same!)
When I was using these products, I thought they were really expensive and difficult to source – I should have read the press release properly when it arrived… but then I spotted it in Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see it on the supermarket’s shelves. The product smells great and is a fabulous quality, I would never have listed Sainsbury’s as a stockist – but I’m glad because that means it’s accessible, and everyone can get their hands on Mandara Spa products, and the price points are affordable! The Getaway Gift Bag cost £12.00 (for the three products, a wash bag, AND a shower puff). The individual products start from £4 for a small bottle and £7 for a large one. Products range from hand lotion, to foot butter, body cream, massage oils and all the essential bath stuff.
Oh, and if you ever want to indulge in the spa experience, there is one a bit closer to home. The Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge in London is home to the first Mandara Spa in the UK and Europe! If anyone goes, please promise to tell us all about it!

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5 thoughts on “Mandara Spa – Bath and Body

  1. The Bali Santi range is probably my favourite from Mandara Spa, it smells a bit like a holiday abroad to me. I love how they're in Sainsburys too, although I would never have thought to look there at first! x

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

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