January started off on an iffy note (to say the least!) but I got back from London and decided to get on with things, be all positive and stuff. Jazz hands and everything. I’m the kind of person that when one bad thing happens, I just go in to a mindset of constantly over-thinking and anticipating when the next bad thing is going to happen. 
Sure enough, the bad things happened in threes (typical), so safe to say, I’m ready to write January off and start over again in February. Life isn’t so bad, though. I’m going to sit here and think about what I’ve done this month, and remember what things I did that made things brighter!
Healthy Eating
I had all the intentions to eat salads for the whole month (ok, maybe not every single day for a whole entire month, but I was CRAVING for a salad by the end of December). BUT… I can’t afford to spend money on fresh fruit and vegetables.
I need tips on how to eat salads on the cheap because I stocked up on a fruit and veg for the week and it cost me £30 which is my weekly budget for the food shop. It isn’t the first time, so I’m not at all surprised but all that fresh food I bought only stayed fresh for about 4 days. Some of the fruit were already mushy when I opened them. Anyway, it didn’t last throughout the 7 days and I had to go out to buy more food. Can’t be doing that when my bank balance is looking a bit bleak!

The State Of My Blog
I got a new blog layout design on a whim because I thought WHY THE HELL NOT, HEY! New Year, New Blog Layout! Yep! 
I love it but there are some teeny tiny little things that annoy me but honestly, it’s not a big deal.  I was blogging frequently again and everything was good. Until, towards the end of January, my laptop broke. It just died of natural causes or something?!
I remained calm and somehow managed to fire it up on safe mode, fiddle about with the settings, and bought it back to life one last time for me to back up all my files and work. So that’s the positive part of the story. The bad news (for me) is that it would cost me £400 to fix it and even if I had the money spare, it wasn’t economic to put in so much money to fix an old laptop. I was told that they’d stop making parts for it soon… so… that was that. 
It served me well for 7 years and it makes me sad that it doesn’t even switch on. What do I even do with it?!? I don’t know! I can’t afford a new laptop at the moment, but I do have my desktop, at least, so I can slowly but surely getting my routine back in order in time for February! But my computer is even older than my laptop so I’m a bit worried for it!…

Treats To Cheer Myself Up
I dropped off my laptop at one of the Apple Stores in Newcastle and I decided to grab a quick bite at YO! Sushi. And when I returned to collect my dead laptop the week after, I went for a Wagamamas. It was essential, ok? I was feeling sorry for myself and I needed to eat my feelings away!
One of the last websites I visited before the old laptop conked out was Wagamamas, so I felt like I had to go in there and be like WHAT’S YOUR DEAL, WAGS. But then I ate their food and all was right in the world. 

You guys need to try the mochi ice cream or sweet onigiri. It is SO GOOD! I love mochi and it’s even better when it’s filled with ice cream! My favourite is the black sesame flavour, it’s delicious! A bit too cold for it at the moment, but I don’t care! It’s worth freezing for!

Using The Dog As A Hot Water Bottle
Not literally, of course. But cuddles with my little snuggle monster makes me feel warm and fuzzy! She had come back from the dog salon smelling like baby powder! Nothing makes me happy than our two pets! I love them soooo much!

Sky Porn
What is it about a pink sky that makes us feel reflect on life and how grateful we are?! It’s a reflex. Oh, look! It’s a pink sky. I’m so happy to be alive right now! Hashtag loving life.

Snapchattin’ – I’m new! Add me!
This was my first snap on Snapchat last week. I must have installed and deleted the app about 10 times but I decided to give it a good go! My sister had tried to explain Snapchat to me but it made no sense to me. Why were people putting this crappy, low quality content on there, I said? Turns out, it’s actually quite fun! It will take some time to get used to the fact that things on Snapchat aren’t supposed to look  pretty and perfect – and that’s absolutely fine with me! Come and check out my real-life hawt mess! My Snapchat username is @tempsec – Add me! 🙂

They’re Back!
Oooh, look how pretty! I’m happy to see that the Unicorn Horns are back at Lush. In fact, just happy to be in the magical land of Lush inhaling the scent of everything that is good in life! But, unfortunately, nothing caught my eye apart from the Unicorn Horns and the Comforter bubble bar.
Burton’s Daily Fish & Chips
I am obsessed with these! Seriously, I actually got so mad at myself when I forgot to buy these from the supermarket! They’re supposed to be a ‘share bag’ but I haven’t been sharing these. If you like salt and vinegar flavour, you will love these! But I ate too many the other day and it made me feel a bit sick!, like my insides were shrivelling up in all the vinegary evilness. Perhaps I should have shared them., after all. Anyway, get a bag of these next time on your shopping and tell me how much you’re in to them.

Goodbye laptop! I’m so sad you’re gone now. You’ve been so good to me but now you lay here cold and lifeless. I don’t really know what to do with you but I know I still want you in my life, so maybe in your next life, you can be good as prop for my blog photos. Or maybe I can use you as a cheeseboard, or even just as a coaster. A coaster’s good, right? Yeah. Coaster. That’ll be perfect.

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12 thoughts on “January – Sick And Tired!

  1. I so know the pain of losing a laptop but seven years is pretty good! Is there a chance you could borrow one from a friend or family member until you're able to get a new one/get yours fixed? I hope it gets sorted for you!

  2. I saw your snap about the laptop… Sorry to hear about that. One time I managed to delete my OS…. and had to dress up, make up and go to the Apple store to grovel because the next available appointment was in 7 days and I needed my macbook for uni work!

    It eventually was retired at 5 years old so yours has lasted ages! Hopefully you can sort the situation soon <3

  3. I really enjoyed this post, you have a great style of writing, had me laughing in parts! Sorry to hear about your laptop though 🙁 I feel your pain im currently on my fourth laptop as none seem to like staying alive for me.

  4. Salads can be so expensive, and the thing that sucks about fresh veggies and fruit is that they only last for a bit, you can't freeze them, you can't put them into tupperware and hope that they'll last for a week. When you find out a way to eat salads for cheap, let me know!

  5. January seems to have been a mixture of ups and downs. Hopefully February will be free of the latter 🙂 As for your new blog layout, I love it. I imagine you'll eventually get it to how you want it to be by tweaking it over the next coming weeks. X


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