How many more cliches can we fit in? Cut The Crap. Let That Shit Go. Don’t Sweat It. Don’t Worry, Be Happy. New Year, New Me. Ok, I’m all out.
It is, of course, the first day of a brand new year and as we enter into 2016 feeling refreshed (albeit a little hungover) and full of gusto, we think about the things we’d like to change about ourselves and our lifestyle. 
The reality is that nothing really changes or disappears at the stroke of midnight and we’ve all got things we’ve yet to let go of (YEP! That’ll be me!). That’s ok, let’s take our time and work through it!
In this blogpost, I don’t want to focus on my New Years resolution – because I’m still a bit hazy on what they actually are, I haven’t put much thought in to them this year. All I know is that I’m not going to step foot in a gym this year,  I have no addictions to give up, I already eat a lot of vegetables, blah blah blah. I do want to capture more memories but I already do that already too. I don’t know. I do know that I want to make it a really great year for myself and in order to do that, I need to continue to work on how I can change or let go of little things to make myself a HAPPIER person.
Let Go Of Comparing
This is something I’ve mentioned a few times before, and I feel like I’ve stopped comparing myself to others a lot more. I mean, I still do it, it’s only natural and sometimes it’s even out of your control. Like when  my relatives loves to compare my sister and I with not only each other but other family members. I feel like they rank us by who they think is the most clever, prettiest, has the biggest house, earns most money…. blah. You all get where I’m coming from, don’t you? I used to care but I DON’T CARE ANYMORE – I don’t feel disheartened by it anymore because I look at the things I’ve achieved and appreciate that I’m doing ok too.
Let Go Of Competing
Because of all the comparisons, I’ve been a very competitive person in the last ten years and when there’s no one to even compete with, I compete with myself. Like, what is the deal with that?! Ugh. It is utterly tiring and I’m not going to do that anymore this year. There’s no reason for me to be like this so it’s an easy one for me to let go! Say goodbye to the competitive freak that’s been driving you mad for so long. BYE, GURL!
Let Go Of Regrets
I don’t have that many regrets because I am a strong believer in that everything happens for a reason. But in any moment where I feel regretful of something, I will continue to turn this negative energy in to a positive one. I am able to drive this in to motivation and therefore become happier and content about the situation
Let Go Of Worrying
Because I’ve been working on these things for quite some time, I have found myself being able to worry less. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t worry or can stop myself from worrying – I just worry less and that’s a really great start. I’m still one of those people who lets thoughts keep them wide awake at night and it got quite bad about 5 years ago but by going out and doing things, I have been stopped the cycle of letting situations over-exaggerate in my brain. If it’s something you can’t do anything about, keep yourself busy and distracted will help those thoughts of worry be a distant memory.
Let Go Of Fear
We all have fear in us and we all fear something. My anxiety surfaces only when I feel like I am in danger which of course is completely normal but I catastrophize a situation even when there is no risk of any danger at all. Most recently, my fear has been the tube. Airports. Abandoned bags. *PANIC PANIC PANIC*. The panic upsets me. A lot. And even though it doesn’t happen often anymore because I’m gradually breaking the cycle of fear and I’ve learned how to keep calm, there are days when that feeling comes back and I just shake and cry. There will be the odd times when I’ll be defeated but the only way to deal with this is to tackle the fear head on. I used to stop doing things to avoid panic and stress but that doesn’t help. I am a lot better at this now but it still needs working on and as scary as it will seem, I must learn to not let fear get in the way of living my life.
What five things will you be letting go in 2016?
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9 thoughts on “Cut The Crap. Let That Shit Go. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

  1. This is a great way to start 2016! Fear and worrying are the worst for holding me back and I'm determined to let neither get in my way this year.

    Happy new year, wishing you a great 2016!

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