Eeeeks! Did I actually just say the phrase ‘ON FLEEK’? Yep. Yes I did. And I totally can’t pull it off, can I? That would be a big fat NOPE!
I’m thankful that my brows are low maintenance, and I can tidy them up myself. With the money I save on not getting my brows done professionally, I can use it on some high quality beauty grooming tools/products to get my brows into shape from the likes of HD Brow, Benefit, and Tweezerman.
best slanted tweezers from tweezerman
personalised tweezers
glitterati tweezers from tweezerman
red tweezers from tweezerman
Gotta start with what Tweezerman are best known for. TWEEZERS! And that goodness for a good quality pair of ’em! How insanely annoying is it when they don’t grip properly? Ugh, it is so frustrating! But the best thing about Tweezerman tweezers is that perfectly aligned and 25 degree slanted design will allow you to pluck hairs in one smooth motion – eliminating some of the pain, at least.
Until now, my tweezers have been plain and silver or black. Boring! But my tweezers (in both slant and point) are now rather jazzy and I’ve even got a personalised pair! How trendy! The personalised service was exclusively available at Selfridges in London over the Christmas season.
tweezerman travel set
tweezerman travel set
Beauty Kits
Tweezerman have put together some of their best sellers and packaged them in to travel-size kits (which also make a great gift!) so that you can take them with you on-the-go. The miniature tweezers are just as good as the full size ones, the quality hasn’t been compromised, they’re just smaller (and cuter!).
The monochrome Onyx Value Set (£26) comes with a small pair of tweezers, eyelash curlers and a pocket mirror. The purple Fashion Leopard Mini Kit (£25) has a groovy pair of miniature tweezers included, plus a 10X magnifying mirror.
tweezerman grooming products
So who knew that Tweezerman sells other products other than tweezers? Not I! Amongst my mini (!) collection are nail clippers, eyelash comb, nail cleaner, brow brush, and 10x magnification mirror with an LED light. The reflection is not pretty but it’s necessary if you don’t want to miss any pesky hairs!
You can buy Tweezerman products from stockists such as Selfridges, ASOS, Harvey Nichols, and good old Boots!
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