Diptyque candles
I can’t believe the Christmas holidays are over and it’s back to work we go! How am I going to function?!? Luckily for me, I’m actually visiting London for a couple of days with my Mum so I’ve still got two more days off – but as I’ll be zipping around the city running errands, it’s not going the most relaxing trip. Maybe I’ll take those two days as an opportunity to adjust to reality. Anyway, when I return, I’ll be hitting the work load at full force. To ease myself back into work mode, I have decluttered my work space in preparation for the first day back.
bloggers desk

My Blog And Work Space

My desk isn’t always this tidy and in fact, I give it a week until it’s back in it’s cluttered state, and I’d say a week is being optimistic!
Admittedly, I’m usually one of those people that has a lot of notebooks, pens, and beauty products scattered all over. Now that I’m using Trello to organise my daily tasks, notebooks and planners aren’t needed as much anymore. By the way, if you’re not using Trello yet, I highly recommend it for organising your life! It’s so handy for blogging too as you can create a blogging board, social media board, and basically…. anything you like! It has been keeping me on track this past 4 weeks!
Anyway, I was tidying over the weekend and while I was clearing my desk and re-organizing things, I decided that this might make a good blogpost and there are a few pretty desk things I would like to share.
chanel peonies
The Chanel Bag
No. Not an actual CHANEL bag, just the paper bag. But what a paper bag it is! I pinched this idea from Pinterest (naturally! Where else?!) and I thought it looked really pretty when the bag is filled with pink peonies. I did this on a whim and really like how it looks so it’s staying on my desk to make it look pretty. If you hadn’t guessed already, the flowers are fake. They will never die! HURRAH!
marble effect phone cover
Phone and Notebooks
I don’t need that as many notebooks and stationery now (although that doesn’t stop me from buying them… that’s a whole different story! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, PAPERCHASE). But with the space I have freed up, I have replaced with beauty products instead. More on this later! But obviously, nothing will ever replace pen and paper. And of course, my phone is always by my side. The marble effect phone cover, which I love, is from Casetify. If you haven’t checked out Casestify yet, have a look. I was on that site for an hour choosing two phone cases! 
rayban glasses
I can’t see without glasses so I am always wearing them but I always have an extra pair with me just incase. There has been so many times where I pick my glasses up and the lens just pop out. Haha, used to happen to me when I was at school. Erm, embarassing much? This pair are RayBan and I don’t wear them often, I’m not a fan of the frames, they’re a tad too big for me. I thought it was a good idea at the time to pick them!
Apple ipad

I got this for my birthday from my Dad and I love it! Because it’s a gift from Dad, it feels special to me. Not that it’s not a special little gadget to begin with! But I feel bad because all I do is watch TV shows on it. I didn’t have a TV for the past six months so actually, this iPad kept me entertained, and remains to entertain me throughout the day when I need some background noise during work. I use it so much and I’m so scared it’s going to conk out on me soon. Eeeeks!
soap and glory hand food

Hand Cream and Body Spray
I have a lot more beauty products than this on my desk but I haven’t had time to have a proper good look at them yet but I’ll probably blog about them at some point time anyway. That being said, the ones I picked out here are the definitely best ones anyway! πŸ™‚ I got these Soap & Glory products in the Christmas gift sets. The Original Pink Spray for instant fragrance and Smoothie Star Hand Food to moisturise skin during cold weather. And it has been bloody freezing lately! I hate it when my hands go dry and haggered due to cold weather. Hand cream is one of my winter essentials and I am loving Soap & Glory’s Hand Food at the moment!
gel effect nail polish

Nail Products
I’ve been painting my nails recently so had these amongst the rest of my beauty stash. I’m quite impressed with Rimmel’s 60 Seconds range. And Nail Apothecary Gel-Effect Top Coat is my new favourite top coat!
Diptyque candles
I don’t usually have candles on my desk but I have some really nice ones in my collection that I really want to burn. It adds a nice touch and Ditptyque makes me feel all fancy and stuff! And it makes my desk complete on dark, grey, cold days. So perfect! 

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27 thoughts on “A Glimpse Of My Desk Space

  1. I love the black and white theme going on with the pops of pink! Such a pretty desk space. I should get mine cleaned up sometime haha, it's almost always littered with paper and notebooks and pens. And when I do get around to cleaning it…. it returns to the same state as it was before in a matter of hours. I don't even know how it happens!

    becky β™‘ star violet

  2. I cleaned out my desk this week too, and it will get cluttered again really soon.
    Those candles looks very nice, what do they smell like?

  3. Your desk is gorgeous! Just had a good clear of mine for the new year which makes me feel a lot better. Love the flowers in the bag idea – I always feel bad thowing out the fancier of my bags, but never know what to do with them.

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