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Parties, girls night out, birthday celebrations, evening dinners, the weekend. There is always an occasion to get dolled up for. And if your bank account has taken a bit of a battering over Christmas like mine has, you might want to feast your eyes on this wonderful bunch of affordable beauty products – all of which are under £10.
 6 High Street Beauty Products Under £10


All six affordable beauty essentials were recommended to me by Boots to help create the best party and evening look. We’ve got eyes, face, and nails covered, so if you fancy treating yourself to a little bit of make-up, why not check this lot out next time you’re in Boots…
Barry M Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
I REALLY want to learn how to contour properly. At the moment, my contouring skills are non-existent and on the rare occasion I get it right, it is a complete fluke. I just haven’t got a clue what the hell I am doing! And if you’re the same as me, this handy kit by Barry M is fantastic for beginners and will help you practice and achieve a good contour in 3 simple steps. Featuring three pigmented powders in light, medium brown, and dark brown, you simple follow the instruction listed underneath the lid and away you go! 
Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette in Solstice
The photos don’t do the packaging any justice but the outer part of the palette is a really shiny, reflective rose gold. So for the magpies amongst us, you’re going to LOVE this and I recommend you have a look at this on your next visit to Boots. I actually did a ‘oooooooooooh’ when I opened, it’s so shiny!
I often hear very good things about Sleek MakeUP but have never tried it myself. I know that they’re well known for their rich-in-pigment, bright and vibrant eyeshadow palettes but as I don’t really wear vivid shades, I’ve never been interested in learning what else they offer. This Highlighting Palette is the first product I’ve ever tried from Sleek MakeUP and since trying this beautiful palette, I’ve had a look at what other products in the range that would suit me.
Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette in Solstice
The Precious Metal Highlighting Palette in Solstice features 2 baked powders, 1 silky powder shimmer, and 1 cream formula highlighter. This is a versatile palette which can be used on face, eyes, brow bone, and body. For a radiant glow, pop it wherever you want the light to hit. 
Eyelure Party Lashes Frozen Beauty
These are limited edition so I don’t think there’s much time left to buy these. Frozen Beauty is a dramatic, full lash with shimmery, silver ribbons. With it being an embellished pair of lashes, you wouldn’t be able to add volume to it by applying mascara over it but if you’re after something different, unique yet subtle, Frozen Beauty might just be the pair of eyelashes to complete your party look.
I always thought that these nail polishes were a lot more expensive than they are, so it’s a pleasant surprise to find out that they are do-able £6.95. I love a glossy top coat so this one is perfect for me. It ticks all the boxes for being fast-drying, locks in colour for more that 5 days without chipping, and gives your nails a shinier, plumper appearance.
brown eyeshadow palette
For £5.99, you get 10 small eyeshadow in a nude and brown colour palette (that’s two mattes and eight shimmers). It’s a light and compact kit that doesn’t take up much space in your make-up bag so you can use it to start the day off with a neutral look and then add more of the darker browns and plummy shades for transitioning in to evening. (Party time!)
My absolute all-time beauty essential is eyeliner. It doesn’t matter what kind it is, whether it’s liquid, gel, or pencil, I just can’t live without it. I have small eyes and need eyeliner to help define and make them appear bigger. I have often hovered over the high street brands to swatch eyeliners but I always go back to high end one (and at the moment, I am still loving Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Gel Liner for it’s pigment and staying power). I am always on the look out for a cheaper alernative but it’s got to be one that doesn’t budge for at least 6 hours. L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim comes in 5 different colours including blue and green so if you fancy giving the new beauty trend a go, this slim tip eyeliner will help you achieve the perfect flick. 
beauty on a budget
Have you tried any of these 6 beauty products from Boots yet?

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16 thoughts on “6 High Street Beauty Buys Under £10

  1. These products all look so lovely! <3 I actually picked up the Sleek highlighting palette myself when it was on sale at Superdrug during Christmas-time but haven't given it much try yet – which I need to now! I have also been eye-ing the Barry M contour kit 🙂 xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  2. I love the sleek palette so much. I've got a few of their palettes and they all well worth the price! I've never tried any Barry M products though, only their nail varnishes but I should venture and give it a go!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

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