If I’m being honest, I’m quite happy being out of London at the moment. I’m home now and I’ve been catching up with a lot of life things – some are fun, some not so much. And one of the fun tasks on my to-do list is to make my flat feel more Christmassy.
As much as I would love one, I don’t have room for a Christmas tree *Sad face*, BUT I have got other small little things to help me dial up the festive vibe such as these accessories which makes me room feel cute and cosy. I also did a Christmas room tour video a couple of years ago which you can watch here.
yankee candle cosy by the fire


But, of course, I can rely on trusty old Yankee Candle to make it smell festive! Beside the lovely cute tea lights from the Yankee Candle advent calendar (which doesn’t give off a strong scent), I’ve got a new large jar to burn. Cosy By The Fire* was a lovely surprise from the team that represents Yankee Candles. My parcel contained the large jar candle, Green and Blacks hot chocolate (so yum!), mini marshmallows, and a pair of fleecy socks. I’ve been making my own salted caramel with the Green and Black hot chocolate with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan rock salt and caramel toffee sauce, topped with cream, marshmallows and a final sprinkle of rock salt.
yankee candle cosy by the fire
Anyway – back to the candle. Cosy By The Fire isn’t one that I would usually go for because I like fruity scented candles but that doesn’t mean I don’t like my new candle. I LOVE it and it’s appropriate for this time of year. It’s spicy, woody, and warm. With notes of ginger, cloves, and orange, it certainly has that Wintery, festive aroma. I always take a candle to my parent’s house on Christmas Day so this is the one I’ll be packing.


yankee candle cosy by the fire
Yankee Candle’s Cosy By The Fire is available in lots of different sizes. All the best prices are on Amazon.
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