HAPPY 1ST OF DECEMBER! I am delighted that it’s December, not because Christmas is getting closer, but because 2015 is about to end and I can’t wait to see this year out, I just want to start things over in the New Year. But aside from being a bit down in the dumps, I am pretty excited for the festive season because I have my second advent calendar this year, and it’s a bloomin’ good one! Woohoo!
Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar 2015

You know how much I LOVE my candles, guys! So when I arrived home at the weekend to receive a big box containing the Yankee Candle Advent Calendar, I jumped for joy! IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS!
Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
I love candles (I know you know much I love candles!) and I have accumulated a huge collection of them. I’ll do a blogpost of them all when I return to the north in the new year! But every candle addict has got to have the Yankee Candle Advent Calendar! They have been very popular in the past few years and it’s a nice alternative option to the beauty ones. Having said that, I’ve got two advent calendars this year – candle one and a beauty one. That pretty up sums me up!
Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
Obviously, the Yankee one contains 24 scented candles. Twenty-three of them are little tea lights in a selection of scents and the 1 bonus votive candle. My first one is the a sweet, sugary scented Snowtime Cookie. Other festive fragrances include Candy Cane Lane, Winter Glow, Icicles, Bundle Up, and Spiced Orange. These are the only scents available in this calendar.
If you’re a Yankee virgin, this is a fab way to test them out, but admittedly, the tea lights don’t have the greatest scent pay-off. I’m excited to see what fragrances I get, my room is going to smell nice and Christmassy this month! Woop woop!
Yankee Candle offers other advent calendar designs including this Christmas House which retails for £27.99. There’s also a really beautiful Carousel design too. If you haven’t got yourself a calendar this year, check them out on Amazon for the best prices starting from £22.99.
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11 thoughts on “The Best Advent Calendar For Candle Lovers

  1. This looks so cool!
    Every time I go to the mall, I always make a beeline to the Yankee Candle store to sniff all the candles. I never buy anything though. I should make it a point to buy at least one Yankee Candle at some point.

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