This blogpost is based on that thing everyone’s been doing where you can find your ‘best nine’ Instagrams based on how many likes the post got. (This is the website if you’d like to have a go!)
Instagram is my favourite social media platform so I was excited to discover what my #2015BestNine was. I was a bit gutted to see that the content pulled from the website consisted of mostly regrams (inspirational photos but photos that I didn’t take), quotes, and moments that doesn’t really mean anything to me. So I’ve decided to select my own nine from all the content I’ve posted on Instagram, photos that I’d like to remember and moments from this year that means the most to me.
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(Starting from the top row going left to right)
A City Break In Liverpool
I spent a couple of days in Liverpool enjoying what the city had to offer. The first time I visited Liverpool, it was for my sister’s hen do, so whilst I had really great memories of the place, I didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to. Going back for the second time was a different experience. I did so much in two days and had a great time there (even with a bout of food poisoning – I didn’t let that dampen my mood!). Read what I got up to on DAY 1 and DAY 2 in Liverpool. Oh, and I only went and had coffee in the BEST COFFEE SHOP EVER.
An Impromptu Trip To Scarborough
We were scouting for location for a Summer photoshoot but going to Scarborough during the Easter holidays was not our finest moment. We decided that Scarborough was going to be far too busy for any sort of photoshoot so we grabbed a lunch of the finest fish and chips, and a lemon top ice cream.
A Whole Day At The Telegraph
This is not as fancy as it sounds. I applied for a job at The Telegraph and got invited to the assessment day. It was the toughest and most intense (but memorable) day, it was actually like The Apprentice where we had to do tasks, presentations, mini projects, and pitches. This was all BEFORE we even got to the final interview with one of the fashion editors. The longer I stayed in the process, the more I felt like I didn’t belong there. Nevertheless, I got down to the final five but I totally messed up during the final interview. But never mind, it wasn’t meant to be and everything happens for a reason. The best was yet to come…
Interview At Soap & Glory
This happened so quickly. I went for an interview at Soap & Glory, and a week later, I moved to London and started the job. There was no messing around and there was no time to even think about it. I was the YES MAN, just saying yes to everything that came my way. I wasn’t looking for anything long term, so this great opportunity came at the right time as it was only for an interim basis. Working in digital at a beauty company was just the best thing ever. Compared to the interview at The Telegraph where i felt like I was made to jump through so many hoops, I knew that being at Soap & Glory was perfectly ideal for me. It was definitely the highlight of my year.
Work Freebies
The week before moving offices, there was a lot freebies up for grabs. It was so much fun rummaging through the boxes of stuff, and I remember taking three huge bags of it back to my flat on one of the hottest days ever. My arms nearly fell off but IT WAS SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!
Soap & Glory Christmas Event
Soap & Glory went on a UK tour and I chose to go to Newcastle to capture content. I am from the north east so it was great to be back in familiar land! Read more here.
Blogger Events
Due to expensive travel fare, I am normally have to be quite selective with which bloggers events but living in the heart of where all the exciting events are hosted meant that I could pop in to events after work. My favourite events included Birchbox birthday celebrations at Duck & Waffle, and a blogger’s slumber party in Manchester. I have loved meeting more bloggers and even though it was always brief, it felt like I already knew them from the moment I met them. You bunch of good eggs!
Exploring London
I loved it when friends and family came to visit during the Summer. We explored London together and walked around for ages. I’ve blogged about London a few times but there are so many photos I’ve yet to share but this has been put on hold because I don’t know which folders the photos are saved on my computer (oops) – but I did find this lovely Instagram pic I took of Chalcot Crescent in Primose Hill. *swoon*
Being Back At Home
A bit of time away was exactly what I needed. Things in my personal life happened and I found myself in the situation where I HAD to push myself out of my comfort zone. I made the best out of a bad situation. This year, I’ve learnt that I can adapt to any surroundings, no matter how challenging they are. I don’t have to doubt myself anymore. All I needed was to have a bit of faith and believe that I can do anything without relying on others. No matter how much you plan life out, things just don’t go as you want them to sometimes. And that’s fine. That’s life. Things happen, and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. 
Hope you like my 2015 Best Nine Instagrams.
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8 thoughts on “Nine Of The Best

  1. I am SO glad I wasn't the only one who didn't like my best nine picks! I was really surprised at what it came out with because I am pretty certain some pictures have done much better than some it chose! They all looked kinda 'meh' too, which makes me really want to try and take better Insta pics for 2016!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Oh my gosh the fact you got all that stuff from work! When I worked in Sainsbury's PR team I used to organise the sample sales and I would literally be tacking suitcases of stuff home on the tube… Your photographs are really beautiful- I especially like that they were the pictures you'd chosen, not just from the 'most liked'. x

    Claudia Harriet // Student Lifestyle Blog

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