With a combination of festive colours shining from these Molton Brown products, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! They smell like Christmas too!

Molton Brown Seasonal Collection

I can’t tell you how much money I have spent at Molton Brown in the past few years. My Mum is a HUGE fan of the brand and for every birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and just a general lets-treat-mum-to-a-present-beause-it’s-a-Friday, my two sisters and I buy her her gifts from Molton Brown without fail. She’s even got my dad in to it as well now. It makes gift-buying so easy but honestly, we’re all just really obsessed with it!
Molton Brown’s Seasonal Collection is an exciting one because if there’s anyone who can capture the scent of Christmas, it’s Molton Brown. The collection range consists of a mix of products including hand wash, shower gels, body lotion, candles, reed diffusers, and Eau De Toilette. My top picks from the limited edition range are as follows:
Don’t let the allspice put you off. The scent of Festive Frankincense And Allspice is woody, warm, and elegant. It has the top note of allspice, caraway and ginger. A heart note of frankincense, guaiac wood and cypriol, and a base note of vetiver and patchouli. I think that having vetiver in there is what gives it slightly green and pine-y twist. 
Described as festive, fiery and exquisite, this is a great way to light up your home over Christmas. Being the one who has a stash of candles, I always take 2 or 3 candles with me to place them around my parent’s house on Christmas Eve and on the dinner on Christmas Day. This candle I’m taking home will really impress them, it’s definitely one of those save-for-special-occasions kind of candle. It makes such a lovely and cosy atmosphere but also gives the house a festive fragrance. 
I think this is my favourite purely for the way it looks. I love the combination of the jewel green and the red bow, it looks so fab in the bathroom. Wondrous Myrhh, Musk and Cypress is not usually the type of scent I would go for as it’s quite a masculine/unisex scent. It’s strong, earthy, green with a scent that lingers, and but it smells really nice after you’ve given it a chance to settle on skin. 
Although this is not an typical Christmas scent, it does have a deliciously warming and spicy scent that comes from the top notes of cinnamon leaf oil and nutmeg oil. Oudh Accord And Gold also has notes of elemi oil, rich oudh accord, black tea accord, vetiver, and honey which gives it a festive yet exotic fragrance that works for Christmas and Summer.

The best way to describe this heady, mesmerising scent is that it resembles the aroma of a souk market. I love the dry-down scent more than when it’s freshly sprayed as it’s too spicy for me when it’s first applied to skin. It comes packaged in a beautiful, luxurious box that looks great as a gift (or on your dresser, if you decide to treat yourself this Christmas!).

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