Years ago when I was at uni, the first thing I would do when I received an instalment of my student loan was pop in to Thorntons and treat myself to a little something! The dessert inspired chocolates were my absolute fave! And I’d make the whole box of chocolates last for a couple of months! It remains the only chocolate shop that I buy from for those special-ocassion-gifts. My relatives in Hong Kong love it so much that they’d ask us to buy them a suitcase full every time we go and visit them. I don’t blame them on bit, Thorntons Chocolates look good and they taste so yummy!


thorntons chocolates gift

So when Thorntons* got in touch and offered to send me something, I was like… uh, YEAH! Yes please! Yes please with a cherry on top! Not even gonna lie and I’m not going to pretend to stay cool about it, when the parcel arrived, I swear it was THE BEST DAY EVER. OMG! I was so excited about it, I couldn’t concentrate on my work for hours! I wanted to scoff my face full of chocolates!
thorntons chocolates hamper
Thorntons introduced me to their Christmas Gift Finder and I’ve come across a few of these this year but none of them as fun as this. It’s a dedicated Christmas microsite that allows you to answer some questions to help find your friends and family the perfect box of chocolates. 
Through this Gift Finder app, I was able to discover some products I didn’t know Thorntons had, like Toasted Marshmallows, Toffee Apple Caramel, and Candyfloss Truffles. ERRRR, YUM!

thorntons chocolates
With so much choice, let the Thorntons Chocolate Gift Finder help you out this Christmas – from personalised edible gifts, to classic chocolate selections, hampers and lots of little stocking fillers! Use the gift finder to figure out what new treats you can discover for others… OR to find a gift for yourself! You gotta treat yourself to a box of choccies at this time of year!
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