Is there any scent in the world other than coconut that makes you crave for the warmth of Summer? I know we’re in the deep of Winter right now but I’ve been using this range of Palmers for a month and it’s making me wish for warmer weather! But… being in the UK, I’m forever wishing for warmer weather! 
palmers coconut oil formula


To keep my skin from being battered by the cold wintery weather, I’ve been slathering on a lot of Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula products! Coconut Oil is the ingredient that’s causing a buzz in the beauty industry at the moment.

Just like how a lot of new beauty launches from the last couple of years has contained Hyaluronic Acid, this year has been all about the coconut oil! It’s just in everything at the moment!

palmers coconut oil formula
I feel like I may be a little addicted to Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula* because of how NICE it smells. I first tried it in the Summer when I got a sample of the hand cream.

I’d describe the scent like coconut ice-cream/Malibu Rum! There’s no denying that this is scented with tropical coconut, it is very strong! I have been using the body oil, the body butter, and body lotion (body lotion is not pictured, because I was using it at the time and forgot to take it out of the bathroom!). 

palmers coconut oil formula
All three are brilliantly moisturising and formulated with pure coconut oil, Tahitian monoi, and Tiare flower petals. I couldn’t pick a favourite but if your skin is really dry, I would recommend the body butter which is a thick and rich consistency.

It will leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth. The lotion is similar but it’s slightly lighter (and slightly cheaper in price), and the body oil is for those who want a quick and easy way of moisturising, especially in the mornings after a shower when you don’t want to faff about with creams and lotions.


pamemrs manuka flower honey
Lets start off with the Coconut Oil Formula Co-Wash*. It’s a non-lathering shampoo which I’ve been a fan since using the Low-Shampoo from Yves Rocher – it keeps my hair clean for days.

However, Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Co-Wash feels very strange on my hair, like you’re using a lotion or conditioner to wash your hair. It doesn’t contain SLS or any other harsh ingredients, so it didn’t expect it foam or lather up. But it just didn’t leave my hair feeling very clean afterwards.

Maybe I will only use this on the ends of my hair to condition it, rather than applying it to my scalp and leaving my hair feeling greasy and heavy. 

The Manuka Flower Honey Nourishing Conditioner* which is specifically formulated for all natural hair textures (and is colour safe) is a moisturising formula that also promotes healthy, protected hair.

As well as Manuka Honey, it also contains cocoa butter and shea butter (uh, hello you amazing, moisturising ingredients!). Same goes for the leave-in conditioner* – it detangles and de-frizzes hair. With the wind and rain, us girls need all the de-frizzing products on stand-by. Am I right?!

These products contain no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, sulphates or dyes.
Palmer’s is available to buy from Boots, Superdrug, all good supermarkets, Feel Unique, and Amazon. Prices start from £1.80.
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