Woohoo! Along with the other Birchbox* subscribers, I’m officially in the Birchbox #SQUAD! As I attended their launch event at the Skinnydip Boutique, I got a feel for their latest collaboration. I have probably said this about every Birchbox this year… but HOW AMAZING IS THIS COLLABORATION? It as got to be the coolest beauty box EVER. 
Birchbox x Skinnydip, BIRCHBOX NOVEMBER 2015
I really like the contents, but being slightly obsessed with pretty packaging, I would have bought this box just for the CUTE box design. There are two colours available this month, the purple one which you can see in yesterday’s event feature, or the pastel coloured one which I think is the one I prefer. 
Inside November’s Birchbox are 6 beauty samples. These are:

Birchbox x Skinnydip, BIRCHBOX NOVEMBER 2015

Birchbox x Skinnydip | November 2015 Edition

Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream, £8 (full size)
Cow Pat hand cream sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it obviously doesn’t contain any cow pat in it (or does it?.. lol, it doesn’t.) It’s packed with rejuvenating essential oils including refreshing grapefruit, and soothing coriander to leave the skin on your hands moisturised and toned.
Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Cream, £25
A big yes to anything that has the potential to repair hair! I am using straighteners to straighten (well, duh) and curl my hair every day so…. eeeeks, sorry fried hair! Hopefully this will restore my hair to a soft and shiny state! 
REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial, £32
I actually got the full size version of this a couple of months ago and I do like it! The active ingredients in this which are glycolic and lactic acids trigger cell renewal while you sleep. You only need to use this once a week, this little sample will last me quite a decent amount of time. 
Birchbox x Skinnydip, BIRCHBOX NOVEMBER 2015
Lord & Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner, £9
When I saw this, I was gutted that it’s white. HOWEVER… it’s actually not a white lip liner. It’s a translucent lip liner – uuhhh, genius idea – that prevents your lippy from bleeding outside the lines. I LOVE this and I think a translucent lip liner is one of those useful make-up products you never knew you needed!
English Laundry Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum, £60
There was an English Laundry perfume in last month’s Birchbox which I really liked. It’s not a brand that I am familiar with so I’m happy to try it and learn more – it’s also something different to the designer perfumes you see on the high street. Notting Hill has fruity notes of mandarin and cassis (one of my faves) with hints of warm wood and vanilla. 

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm, £19.50
Cleansers are totally my thing, I love trying different ones but I rarely use a balm. I know that cleansing balms are meant to be great for your skin but it’s still an area of skincare that I haven’t fully explored yet. Thanks to birch box, I can experience it this month! Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm has a nourishing blend of mango butter, rose hip and coconut oil and in skincare terms, that is a mighty good trio!
There’s still time to sign up to receive this box. For an extra (and optional) £4, you will receive a Skinnydip phone cover with an exclusive design for Birchbox. It has cute seashells over it to match the design of the box. I wish it was as colourful as the box but I suppose the simplistic phone cover is really universal. Skinnydip phone cases are the best around, I love them and I’m sure you guys love them too!
What do you think of this month’s Birchbox? Are you diggin’ the collab?

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