Christmas is a really tough time of year for most people. It comes round really quickly and there is so much to do! What is meant to be a joyous and exciting occasion is actually really quite stressful. And the older I am, the more I feel this stress. I can’t pinpoint what it is but it’s a mixture of being unprepared, not knowing what to buy people, being overwhelmed, and skint! That’s totes not fun, is it? BAH, HUMBUG! 
laura mercier bath honey
But seriously, no matter how prepared I am, I always seem to get rushed of my feet right up until Christmas! And it’s going to be no different this year, because like a lot of people, I am working right up until Christmas Eve. Argh, where am I going to find the time to do everything? I’ll get there, though… I always do.
But no matter how busy you are, it’s still important to find the time to relax and de-stress. Find the time to do something you enjoy, even if it’s a couple of hours a week. Here are some ways to help you feel more relaxed and feel more ‘you’ during the run up to Christmas:

laura mercier bath honey
Have a luxurious bubble bath
This isn’t just a normal bath. Oh no. When I mean luxurious, I mean get this is when I get good stuff out! Bubble baths are great for relaxing and it works wonders for me! But it’s even better when you use the posh stuff you’ve been stashing away. For me, that would be my little collection of Laura Mercier bath and body products. It’s expensive but I only use it when I feel like I need to. Drop a couple of lavender oil too and get in to a state of relaxation, it will set you up for a good night sleep which will leave you feeling completely refreshed for the next day ahead.
Dipytque candles
Ok, so I’m kind of a candle hoarder, you guys know that, but I have been going through them very quickly lately because I don’t have a bed side lamp and I’m using candles instead. Just like the Laura Mercier bath products, I only use my ‘posh candles’ on the odd occasion, and I really LOVE the Diptyque ones, especially during times when I need a bit of cheering up!
kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate
origins zero oil moisturiser
Some people might see their skincare routine as a chore but once you find the right products that work for your skin, it can be quite addictive. I try to fit a pampering session in every Sunday evening where I do the whole facial; exfoliate, mask, cleanse, double cleanse, moisturise, serums, the whole lot! At the moment, I really like the ever-popular Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and Origins Zero Oil moisturiser. When I’m using an oil as a serum, I like to balance it out by using an oil free moisturiser and that works really well for my skin.
I want to do more exercise in 2016 but starting with yoga for now will gear me up for that. I actually find yoga really difficult – I am definitely a beginner – but I feel better for doing it! I know that there are some great health benefits to it as well as helping to relax you, so I’d like to try and keep it up!
Eat well
This one sounds like it’s easy but actually, when we’re all so busy, we either forget to eat or we’re grabbing something really quick (and probably quite unhealthy). I’m guilty of that these past few months and now I’m really feeling it. It makes me feel sluggish, tense (uhm, hangry much!?) and a bit ‘meh’. For the next 6 weeks, I’m going to make a big effort to eat healthily, but to also eat at the right time of the day. Eating healthy now means I can gorge over Christmas (ummm, I’m totally EXCITED for Christmas dinner!!!!)
Make Christmas shopping easier for yourself
Ok, the dreaded Christmas shopping. Some people really enjoy it, some people hate it. I like it but only when I am prepared with a list of gifts to buy and a budget. This year, I know I’ll struggle with time so I’m being realistic about it by admitting that I don’t know when I can go shopping and finding an alternative. Thank Goodness for the Internet, right? To save myself from getting stressed this year, I’m going to do all of my Christmas shopping online. That’s one way to make things easier!
Take the stress out of missed deliveries 
(and consequently, spending a lot of time chasing customer service)
Even though this blogpost is written in collaboration with Doddle’s latest campaign #DoddleSaysRelax, I want to be transparent and let you know that this blogpost isn’t actually sponsored. I just wanted to tell you about Doddle because it’s going to save time and stress for a lot of busy people!

But how annoying is it when you miss a delivery? The time that is spent chasing up customer service and investigating the whereabouts of your parcel is frustrating – and something I’ve been doing a lot lately. I’ve given up with getting parcels sent to my flat because for 3 months now, nothing has been coming through without some sort of hassle.

Most of us are out of the house from 8am until 6pm, it’s likely that we’ll miss the postman on the weekday, or having to wait in during the weekend! And some work places are a bit funny about getting personal mail sent to the office. 

So, what’s the next best thing? Well, that would be Doddle! I don’t think a lot of people know about this service yet. I recently signed up to Doddle and I tried it out last month. It is a great way of knowing that your order has arrived safely and that you can collect it before or after work.

Thankfully, I have a Doddle store 2 minutes from where I work at King’s Cross. Doddle stores tend to be conveniently located at train stations and there are lots and lots of Doddle stores all around London, Manchester, Brighton and Birmingham!

It’s a great idea for a business (I wish I thought of it myself!), but it’s basically like having a PO Box except they’re open from really early and close really late! It’s a peace of mind knowing that you can just pick up your order (like Christmas presents, or a Christmas outfit) after work.

Oh, and the best bit? Doddle will handle all the returns for you too! No more missed deliveries or queuing up at the post office! More time for you to enjoy the things you like doing and less time spent stressing about Christmas parcels going missing!

As mentioned above, Doddle has asked me to write about some tips on how to stay relaxed this festive season. However, this is not a sponsored post.
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