There are A LOT of beauty sample boxes out there, and as a beauty blogger, I’ve tried my fair share of them. There’s always a new one cropping up and with such fierce competition, they have to be extremely different to get my attention because I’m only going to recommend the the good ones to my lovely blog readers (YAY! THAT’S YOU!).
I’m not familiar with Latest In Beauty, but I am aware that they work with Jane from British Beauty Blog – so that’s a good enough reason to try out one of the recent boxes, The Heart FM edition. I didn’t fully understand that concept of the partnership at first but it is a unique collaboration and I’m all up for any one who tries to stand out from the crowd. 
Heart FM Beauty Essentials


I expected it to be like all the other beauty boxes I’ve tested, but when the parcel arrived, I was really surprised at how heavy a beauty box could be. It was jam-packed with products and there was no room for anything to rattle around. 
If you’re feeling a bit fed up and disappointed of receiving a box that feels half empty, Latest In Beauty boxes might just be right up your street. For £17.99, you get all of this in The Heart Beauty edition:

Heart FM Beauty Essentials

Rimmel London Provocalips
I’m not really in to these overhyped high street lip products that everyone buzzes over but I’m obviously going to try it if they’re included in a beauty box! Rimmel London Provocalips is a dual ended lip gloss – the colour end is bright and vibrant, and the other wand is a clear gloss that locks in colour. 
Roger & Gallet Lait Sobert Bois d’Orange
I’ve actually been using lotion this but in a different scent. It has been a favourite of mine for the past few months! It’s a very light consistency that feels like water on your skin. If you ever come across, you simply must check it out!
Urban Veda Hydrating Toner
I find toners very tricky. It’s difficult for me to find one that suits my skin but I am on a constant search for something that works for me. The one I got is for oil-proned skin, which I don’t have, so that’s not a good start. However, now that I’ve been introduced to this brand, I will certainly check out the other toners they’ve got within the range!
Bloom and Bloom, Bath + Shower Gel
This bath and shower gel is 99% naturally derived and is formulated without sulphates. It’s also got vitamin E and organic cucumber for a gentle, refreshing cleanse that also conditions your skin.
Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Moisturising Cream
I love Nuxe as a brand and I’ve enjoyed trying a selection of their products via beauty boxes. I am on the quest for a suitable moisturiser, one that is going to sort my skin out during Winter – maybe this might just be THE ONE! That’s what I’m hoping, anyway!
Lola Make-Up Nail Polish
I’ve been wearing purple nail polish a lot lately so this shade has come at just the right time. This nail polish is easy to apply, required two coats, is quick to dry and has a glossy finish. 
Heart FM Beauty Essentials
Dirty Works 4-in-1 Face Wipes
I feel like a traitor because this is one of the copy-cat brands of the beauty company I work for. Eeeks! Haha! I try not to use face wipes but when I wear a lot of make-up, I use them to remove the bulk of it so that my muslin cloth doesn’t get *too* dirty. I do tend to stay away from wipes though, but the odd couple of times throughout the month is acceptable, right?! Dirty Works 4-in-1 wipes are free from SLS, mineral oils, alcohol and animal ingredients so I guess they’re better than most face wipe that are full of harsh chemicals that strips your skin. 

Hydraluron Moisture Mask
A couple of years ago, there was a lot of hype over Hydraluron and it started such a trend in the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, which is so great for dry and dehydrated skin. I have tried the Hydraluron Moisture Mask and they’re great but it’s not my favourite sheet mask but there’s no denying that they are incredibly convenient. 
Kitch Prima Ballerina Hair Ties
I can’t really tie my hair up anymore so I’ve given these to my sister, who actually took her teaching exam over the Summer and is now a qualified ballerina teacher (at the age of 17! Woo! Go, little sis!). They are gentle on hair and don’t add a horrible crease to your hair when you’ve had it in a ponytail for ages. They look cute as a simple bracelet too. I wish I kept the grey one to wear on my wrist.
So, there you have it! This is great box if you’re willing to spend £17.99 on it. It’s not a monthly subscription service, and there’s no minimum sign up policies. You can purchase one of the Latest In Beauty boxes or you can build your own. It’s as simple as that! For more information, visit Latest In Beauty website for all the details.
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4 thoughts on “Heart FM Beauty Essentials

  1. I love reading posts like this. I have only tried Birchbox but I think I am wanting to branch out and try a few more as I would love to review them on my blog. I love the convenience of beauty boxes, and how you can sample loads of products for a relatively small price! I've literally just signed up to latest in beauty and i'm seriously considering purchasing this box! -xo

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