autumn bouquet, autumn flowers
The general rule of thumb is that I like to have flowers in the house during Spring/Summer, and then I switch to candles in Autumn/Winter. But flowers are such a Spring/Summer thing, I just never considered the idea of an Autumn themed bouquet. 
But when Blossoming Gifts* introduced me to one of their Autumn bouquets, I chose the most Autumnal ones. I  actually wasn’t so sure about it at first, but now I am totally in love with them! I currently have flowers AND candles in my room, so I’m pretty happy right now! A nice and colourful bouquet really cheers me up!

autumn bouquet, autumn flowers


I chose this particular bouquet because of the colours and the fact it has got berries in them. And because I usually go for pretty pinks or pale coloured flowers, this bouquet from Blossoming Gifts is definitely different to what I normally. Different in a good way.

autumn bouquet, autumn flowers
The bouquet I received doesn’t look as ‘full’ as it does on the Blossoming Gifts website but it’s likely down to the fact that I don’t know how to arrange them properly or maybe I’m not using the right vase. I never know how to make it look as nice as it does on the website – but I’m sure you’ll agree, the flowers still look so super pretty!  

autumn bouquet, autumn flowers
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