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If you’re new on the blog, then firstly, A BIG HELLO TO YOU! Have you discovered the pet section yet? It is filled with fluffy photos of our cute little 7 years old exotic shorthair cat, Oscar, and our sweet miniature poodle, Bonnie who turned 2 in August! As you can imagine, they are both absolutely spoiled with cuddles, kisses and lots of toys! They totally deserve it!

With so many fashion and beauty blogposts going out on my blog these days, I find it hard to slot the odd pet post in there. It used to be a big part of my blog and I always have the intentions to update it but I don’t know how to break the flow of all things fashion and beauty – so when Argos Pet Insurance* asked me to write about my pets, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some photos and update this very-much-neglected section of the blog. 
I don’t know about you but I am one of those people who love spending money on the pets and I am always looking for things I could buy Bonnie. Oscar on the other hand is usually very very VERY happy when I craft a toy out of crunchy, crispy cellophane or just a plain old cardboard box! Cats are so easily pleased. But Bonnie is a little more high maintenance. As well as toys, she also needs various accessories like dog coats, harnesses, and God knows how many leads we’ve bought her in the past two years. She has a better wardrobe than I do and has several choices of winter coats! Poodles only have one layer of fur – and it’s fine coat of hair rather than fur, so when it comes to night time walkies during Autumn and Winter, she has to wear a snuggly coat to keep her warm.
I find it really difficult to find proper nice things for pets, though. Call me picky but I rarely find things I like at the big pet shop retailers, the designs are plain and they’re often not that well made. I have lost count of the times I’ve had to sew her cuddly toys back together! I don’t mind spending a bit more if the quality is good, though. It just means going a bit further and spending some time to look for things that are a bit more special. I have a lot of fun shopping for them, I love spoiling the pets and I’m sure they know how well-loved they are!
So, for something a bit different, I have been having a browse on what cute things I can buy for the pets (Well, Bonnie, in particular!) and welow are some of the lovely treats that I’ve saved on to a ‘wish list’ for the pup! With Christmas creepin’ up, I might just have to save up and buy all these things for my little sweetpea!
things to buy for pets
Bloggers are known for the obsession of cupcakes, so our dogs have got to love them too, right? These cute cupcakes are vanilla scented and the pups will love them not because they’re cupcake plushies, but because they squeak! 
Bonnie likes to look her best when she’s out for her Winter walkies! She’s got a few coats now and this red tartan one is rather festive! Plus, it’s by Henry Holland and it will look FABULOUS (dahling) for Bonnie’s future Outfit Of The Day post!
I first saw this range at Harrods and I had wondered if it was owned by Tigi. It is indeed started by the same people who founded Tigi – if it’s good for human hair, it’s got to be good for pet hair.
I actually thought this was a dog toy, but it in fact a Christmas collar! It is quite cute, but it will end up being more a toy than a collar!
I mean, how ADORABLE is this Hello Kitty dog bed, I’m a huge fan of all things Sanrio! Where can I get a Hello Kitty bed for myself?!
Whenever I’m in Selfridges, I browse the kitchenware dreaming of the day I can own everything. Well, I kind of need my own house first, that might help! (hmmph!). But for now, I can buy the dog treat jar and make use of it. We currently keep Bonnie’s treats in a small plastic tupperware tub and she always finds a way to get in to it. So I hope the lid on this jar is more secure!
One of the things I have noticed is how rough Bonnie’s paws are compared to what they felt like when she first came home. I didn’t know you could get Paw Butter (a kind of moisturising for dog paws) until now. I’d love to see if this works. 
There are a few accessories in this range and I would probably buy a light-up harness rather than the lead. Only because Bonnie always bites the lead and if she see’s that it flashes with pretty LED lights, she’ll go bonkers. I think that a light-up harness will be great for her walks at night-time. Y’know, safety first!
Out of everything I’ve listed, this floral collar is the one I want to buy the most! It’s so cute and pretty, but it’s a bit pricy for a dog collar – even though it’s currently in the sale! It is lovely, though!

Are you one of those people who love to buy things like this for their pets?
Tell me I’m not the only one!!!


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11 thoughts on “9 Cute Things To Buy For Pets

  1. I bought Mae loads of Hello Kitty stuff last Christmas- collar, bowl, food mat and she loved it…that bed is going on the list (not that she ever uses one but it looks cute!) x

  2. Oh no, if I didn't want a dog already this has REALLY made me want one :o(… we've been debating it for so long but work full time which makes unfair…so we got another cat instead haha. But some of these pieces could be considered 'cat friendly' right haha :o) xx

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