I’ve enjoyed a whole new skincare routine this past couple of months. Even though I’ll admit, I’ve gone from religiously sticking to a skincare routine to missing the odd day or two, here and there. I can see myself making a habit of it, a habit I need to snap out of PRONTO! 
Having to share a bathroom with 5 other strangers is difficult and sometimes (in general, living with strangers is difficult), I’ll make-do with Micellar Water and a few cotton pads, and call it a day. Sometimes I get in at about 9pm and I’m honestly too tired to even move. Again, Micellar Water and cotton pads comes to the rescue. 
janjira pomegranate and acai skincare

My Skincare Routine With Janjira

It makes me feel guilty though, and there really is no excuse. I know that what I’m doing is not thoroughly cleansing my face enough. I need to stick to a solid skincare routine, twice daily, 7 days a week, so that I know I am pro-active in taking care of my skin. I’m the only one who is control of that and I shouldn’t be slacking, especially with all of the amazing things that I get the opportunity to try. I mean, I am working in the beauty industry right now, I gotta practice what I preach, right?!


For the past two months, I have been gradually introduced Janjira product as part of my daily routine. Having really nice, beautiful products make things easier because the results are pretty instant. And when you see results straight away, it spurs you on to continue doing what you’re doing. A chore becomes a joy. 
janjira pomegranate and acai
Janjira’s Pomegranate and Acai contains… wayhey, you guessed it! Pomegranate and Acai! But to delve in a bit further, the pomegranate oil and extract is wholesome and nutritional for your skin as it contains antioxidants to help fight the free radicals and damage. It also reduces the appearance of pores and brightens lacklustre skin. 
the best micellar water
I use the Micellar Water (£18) to remove the first layer of make-up. This is the best Micellar Water I’ve ever used because it doesn’t leave a greasy film. Then I apply the Facial Cleanser (£16), which is a gel formula, to ensure every trace of make-up and dirt is removed. I am supposed to do these two steps every day but I sometimes just use the Micellar Water and actually, my skin hasn’t suffered too much so it seems to be suffice, but let’s not encourage me to be even lazier than I’ve been. 
I use the scrub on my face once a week, it’s got fine beads so it doesn’t feel harsh on skin. One thing I do stick to after a good scrub is apply a face mask. That would be my top tip as it prevents a break-out and close your pores up again. 

janjira pomegranate and acai
After the mask, the next step is a serum. Serums are expensive and potent, and my skin is very picky with them. This Facial Concentrate Serum (£50) hasn’t worked as well as I’d like, I suspect it’s too rich and concentrated for me, so I’ve let my mum try it and see what she thinks of it. I hate the thought of products going to waste, especially when they’re as beautiful as this.
janjira pomegranate and acai
Finally, the grand finale. The moisturiser. The all important moisturiser. Important because if you use one that doesn’t suit your skin type, you can mess up all the hard work you just did! Janjira Facial Deep Moisturiser (£25) has a light texture but it’s filled with nutrients like mushroom extract and macadamia oil. It plumps up skin, smoothes wrinkes, stimulates the production of collagen and provides hours of hydration. 
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