A couple of weeks ago, I got my contract extended which means I’m staying at Soap & Glory HQ until the end of the year. Hurrah! I didn’t expect it (I mean, I already booked my one way ticket back up north) but it works out well that I’m staying because it means I can continue living in my London flat until the contract is up. I was kind of dreading the process of listing my room and finding a replacement tennant! Totally don’t need that kind of stress right now!
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So, anyway – for anyone who is a new reader to this blog – I am working in digital marketing for Soap & Glory on an interim basis, and when I started I was given a goody bag. All newbies got a goodie bag full of SOAPER goodies, they are a very generous company! I intended to blog about my “Soaper Stash” weeks ago but it got pushed further and further down my to-do list. 

beauty haul from soap and glory
Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump (shop link)
I am not a fan of any lip products that makes your lips tingle so I had to pass this over to my sister, who then gave it to my Mum. My mum doesn’t know much about Soap & Glory – but as everyone knows, Sexy Mother Pucker is their hero product, a cult classic. Everyone knows that it’s got a buzz. She put the li gloss on unknowingly and got a shock when her lips started to tingle. I was laughing my head off when she told me because I could imagine her confusion (and possibly, panic). I don’t think she knew what was going on!
Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes (shop link)
I swore off face wipes a long time ago but I recently starting using this pack, which I feel very guilty for! It’s just so handy and convenient – and I just needed something quick whilst I get used to my new city routine (I’ve been so tired lately!). But I certainly won’t make a habit of it. I still used micellar water after the wipes, but I know that’s still not as effective as a good old cleanser. I did enjoy using these wipes purely for the factor of convenience, but I only used them because they were there in my drawer. They are better than some of the other facial wipes I’ve used in the past but it doesn’t do much for my skin in the long run, so I don’t think I will repurchase them again. I won’t say no if they were given to me, though!! 
soap and glory rich and foamous
Rich And Foamous (shop link)
This is body wash that I’ve never tried before. I wasn’t familiar with it and I had never checked it out until now. I don’t think it’s raved about enough but IT SMELLS SOOO GOOD. It smells like cupcakes! How have I never tried Rich And Foamous before until now! 
beauty blogger haul, soap and glory haul
Peaches & Clean (shop link)
This is a 3-in-1 deep purifying cleanser. It’s a creamy milk that you rinse off twice daily. As you can tell from the name of the cleanser, it does smell like peaches and contains peach juice. If you’re new to Soap & Glory skincare, I would give this a whirl – it’s a great one to start you off.
The Righteous Butter (shop link)
It’s Soap & Glory’s iconic, award-winning body butter in a mini travel size tub. They do a few minis which are so ideal for packing in your suitcase, or the gym. Read my review of The Righteous Butter here.
Smoothie Star Body Milk (shop link)
I think this fragrance will really stay with me and every time I get a whiff of it, it will always remind me of “that time I lived in London and worked for Soap & Glory”. It’s a nice association sense of smell. It’s got the same sweet fragrance as the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.
soap and glory smoothie star breakfast scrub
Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub (shop link)
My favourite body scrub in the whole wide world is Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, which was one of the first products that got me HOOKED to Soap & Glory. It’s a delicious blend of honey, maple, oats, bananas and almonds – and it smells like maple syrup. If you like sweet scented body products, I would give Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub a go. It’s addictive! Read my review to find out which  one of the Soap & Glory body scrubs is the one for you!

 Have you tried any of these Soap & Glory products before?

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15 thoughts on “Beauty Haul | Soap & Glory

  1. Firstly: ahh your dog is sooo cute!!!
    Secondly: congrats on getting your contract extended
    Thirdly: I've used quite a few Soap & Glory products but not actually that many from the ones you listed/pictured, my favourites are Whipped Clean (gorgeous scent and I love how rich it is) & Sugar crush scrub (again gorgeous scent and does a great job). I also think their makeup line is fab, One Heck of a Blot being my favourite!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Your little dog <3 awww!

    So jealous of your SOAPER swag 🙂 I have tried a lot from Soap and Glory and my favourites are Sugar Crush Shower Gel, Smoothie Star Scrub, Peaches and Clean Cleanser, Whipped Clean Shower Butter and Heel Genius 🙂
    Good luck with the rest of your placement!

    Dannie x

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