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Over the Summer, I wrote a few blogpost for AVON. I re-acquainting myself with a brand that I had, admittedly, forgotten about. It is a household name, everyone has heard of AVON whether you have an interest in beauty or not but it has been a very long time since I bought anything from there.
 I miss the days of flicking through a catalogue with pages upon pages filled with products, circling the things that you’d like to add to your wish list. I do crave for things to go back to the simpler days – there’s nothing wrong with a good old catalogue! Nowadays, you can buy everything online and that includes AVON products – but that’s just not the same, is it?
Christian Lacroix Bijou
Christian Lacroix Bijou Perfume

AVON can get addictive, though. Affordable prices and a huge selection to choose from. Not so much that it gets overwhelming, though. The sight of too many beauty products can confuzzle your brain (and burn a hole in your wallet!). 
I was recommended a bunch of products to try, including the Rich Butter (the stuff you slather on to your skin, not your toast), stackable eyeshadows (that is sooo 90’s), spa inspired bath products and my absolute favourite out of the bunch, a bottle of Christian Lacroix perfume!
Christian Lacroix Bijou perfume
I was informed what the fragrance notes of Bijou were delightful, so obvs I was excited to try it!

I love the no-nonsense bottle design and by no-nonsense, I mean it obviously doesn’t have any spikes sticking out, and it’s not positioned at a weird, asymmetrical angle. It’s just a beautiful straight-up-and-down with a faceted bottom in a pretty ombre facade. 

Christian Lacroix Bijou perfume
The fragrance notes are mandarin, vanilla orchid and spiced star anise so you would immediately think that Christian Lacroix Bijou would be warm, spicy with hints of citrus but it’s actually very sweet.

If you like the scent of vanilla, you will love this perfume. It’s very vanilla-ry and smells like candy.

The star anise makes it a grown up kind of candy, though. It’s sweet but it’s feminine and chic, rather than young and girly.

It’s an all-round PRETTY fragrance, one that I hope everyone gets to try out! It’s only £20 and there’s currently an offer on where you get a free gift worth £22 with every purchase of perfume. The free gift is a lovely washbag containing a bottle of nail polish, Christian Lacroix Bijou body lotion and a matching fragrance roll-on. LOVELY!

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    That is one very pretty bottle =]


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