Christian Lacroix Bijou
Christian Lacroix Bijou Perfume
I was recently recommended a delightful scent to add to my perfume collection which is now my go-to fragrance; Christian Lacroix Bijou perfume! The new designer perfume from AVON.
I grew up in a time when catalogues were a thing. In fact, one of my favourite past time as a child was flicking through the pages and cutting products out to make a wish list.
AVON can get addictive with it’s affordable prices and a huge selection or products to choose from. With quality beauty products such like this, it hooks you back and you wonder what other hidden gems are you missing out on.
Christian Lacroix Bijou perfume
I was recommended this perfume and was told that the fragrance notes are delightful, so I was excited to try it!

I love the no-nonsense bottle design and by no-nonsense, I mean a nice, clean, straight-forward design. It’s just a beautifully simplistic bottle design with a faceted bottom in a pretty ombre facade.

Christian Lacroix Bijou perfume
The fragrance notes are: Mandarin, vanilla orchid and spiced star anise to create a warm, fruit and sweet. If you like the scent of vanilla, you will love Christian Lacroix perfume. The star anise cuts through the sweetness but it is an overall sweet scent.

It’s an all-round feminine fragrance and is an affordable £20 with a current offer on where you get a free gift worth £22 with every purchase of perfume which is wash-bag, nail polish, Christian Lacroix Bijou body lotion and a matching fragrance roll-on.

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