rose&co rose scented beauty products
Rose & Co. is totally right up my street and I knew this from the very moment I clapped eyes on the beautiful shabby-chic-style packaging. I absolutely adore the whole apothecary, vintage, antique store, country-girl vibe the the company carries. As much as I’ve tried to move away from this type of style and in to something a bit more modern, I am always drawn back to it! I just love how romantic and enchanting it is – and something like this is always a bit different in the world of beauty. It kind of infuses what I love in interior design but in a beauty product.
If you have a look on their beautifully designed website, you get an instant sense of what the brand is all about and there’s such a lovely story behind it. I guess it might be too sickly sweet for some people, but I’m really enticed by the packaging and overall experience of the brand.
Rose & Co. sell a range of bath and body products including bath soak, hand wash, body lotion, hand cream, cupcake soaps and hand-made bath melts! All packaged up in the cutest of ways!
Here are my thoughts on the Rose & Co. products I’ve recently tried:
rose&co rose scented beauty products
Hand Wash & Hand Lotion, £5 each:
My house seems to have LOADS of bottles of hand-washes scattered around in the kitchen, in the bathroom and toilets. I think each of my housemates have bought their own household products – but there seems to be more hand wash than any other product! I have to say, though, that my pink bottle of Rose & Co. looks the best… and as I said above, the brand is different to it’s competitors which in this case is the likes of Imperial Leather, Carex, Palmolive, Dove and Radox to name a few. 
The gentle hand wash (and the moisturising hand & body lotion) are both from the No. 84 which is a brand new range! The fragrance is a really pretty modern rose scent with hints of tea, violet, jasmine and iris – enriched with powdery cedar, amber and musk. 
handmade bath melts
handmade bath melts
Hand-Made Bath Melts:
LOOK HOW PRETTY THEY ARE!! I’ve got to be honest though, I’ve not had the chance to use the bath melts yet and I don’t think I’ll be using them any time soon! I used to have a bath every evening after work but now I only have time for a quick shower in the morning and when I get in. I’m living in a house with 4 other people (there’s another two rooms so potentially, there could be 7 people in the same house sharing one bath tub… so I’ve got to be considerate and be aware not to spend more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time in there). I’ll save these bath melts for when I’m visiting home… I CAN’T wait for a long soak in a big bubble bath!!!!
rose scented lip balm
Rose Petal Salve:
Beautifully presented in an ointment tin, this salve is a a bit of a hero product. At only £5 per tin, this balm does so many things: it helps soften the skin on your lips, and anywhere else you may have dry patches – elbows, heels, knees, hands, cuticles, anywhere! It can also be used on lashes and brows! The salve has been an absolute saviour for my cuticles which have been so dry lately. 
Have you tried anything from Rose & Co. before? If you’d like to check our their range, Rose & Co. are stocked in Harrods, House of Fraser, Fortnum & Mason and selected independent retailers.
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