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There’s no sign of monthly subscription boxes of phasing out and you can get them in almost everything now! The new kid on the block is… *drumroll*… Coloristiq! 
Coloristiq* started out as a nail polish rental service which is a service that sounds great – but renting isn’t my bag! I’m too lazy for rentals, and I never return anything on time! But catching on to the monthly subscription craze, Coloristiq now offer an awesome monthly box of brand new nail polishes to try! I’m guessing that each month will be themed, as the July edition was inspired by Summer Holidays.
In the Summer Holiday edition, there was SIX bottles of nail polishes. SIX! That’s AMAZING! I was expecting 3 or 4 – so to receive 6 in one single box is fantastic, especially as all 6 bottles are by premium brands such as Nicole by O.P.I, Sally Hansen, Nails Inc. and Essie!
coloristiq nail box
Here’s a quick run down on the shades:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Lemon Zest), approx £3:
Annoyingly, the photos have come out with a blue tint but this is a very vibrant lemon-y yellow! I love yellow nail polishes and I usually go for a creamy one but Lemon Zest has a pearlescent finish to it which makes it extra appropriate for Summer as it will glisten in the sunshine!
Nicole by O.P.I (Diva In The Pool), £7.99:
I’m still a little fuzzy on the details but it appears to be Nicole by O.P.I seems to be an O.P.I spin-off range, it’s more affordable and as it’s available to buy from Superdrug, it’s much more accessible than their core range. I received a shade called A Lit-Teal Bit Of Love which a metallic teal blue.
essie summer collection
Essie Summer Collection:
These two shades are part of a mini set of three (£13 per set), and it looks like Coloristiq have separated them, but you still get two bottles which is really generous! These two are my favourites, in particular the lilac shade which is called Full Steam Ahead (the green is called Naughty Nautical). As they both contain subtle silver flecks, they’re a little shimmery but I wouldn’t class it as a metallic. It’s just the right amount of shimmer (as in it’s got a bit of sparkle but it’s still easy to remove the polish from nails). I don’t find Essie nail polishes all that chip resistant, they always peel off after a day or two. However, both of these shades lasted a whole 7 days without chipping! I am IMPRESSED!!

nails inc nail polish
Nails Inc. Matte Finish (Gatwick), £11:
Nails Inc. is one of my favourite nail polish brands so it’s always exciting to see it included in monthly subscription boxes, especially if it’s in a red shade! Unfortunately, I am not a fan of matte nails so I might not get a lot out of this – but it won’t be too much of a bother to apply a glossy top coat!
Nails Inc. Base Coat (Soho Silk), £12:
A good quality base coat is a must-have for me. I’ve tried a lot from budget brands that cost £2.50 to premium that cost £15 – and it really makes a difference. I find that when I use a base coat from a high end brand, you get a guarantee that your nails are totally protected from the colour coat and that no matter how bright or dark the shade is, it won’t stain your nails. Soho Silk from Nails Inc. uses a silk powder which acts like a liquid wrap to protect and enhance the brightness of your summer polishes. I tried to look for this product online but it’s sold out – but I don’t know if it’s sold out or it’s just discontinued. 
That makes it a total retail worth of £35. The actual price of a Coloristiq nail box is £15 per month, so it’s quite a bargain for those who are really in to nails. Each month is a different theme (August’s theme is safari!). If you fancy giving it a go, sign up at the Coloristiq website!

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