What To Wear With Hunter Boots

What To Wear With Hunter Boots | Summer Edition

I’ve been enjoying my new surroundings of the bright lights, big city but I will always be a country girl at heart forever and ever! I love the chilled-out pace of the countryside (it’s not slow, it’s chilled!), clean, fresh air and the beauty of open space consisting of high hills, green grass and big, leafy trees. There’s something quite overwhelming and eery about the peacefulness, but it’s also inspiring and quaint. You really can’t beat the English countryside, it’s special and I’ll never take it for granted.
I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales and we used to do a lot of really fun things during the Summer such as bike rides, long walks, driving miles to see where we’d end up, and of course PICNICS! Oh, so many picnics! You haven’t experienced a proper British Summer until you’ve not been for a picnic in the countryside! My mum makes the best picnic baskets and I think I’ve picked up a few tricks from her but I still tend to overpack the basket with far too much food while she gets it right every time!
What To Wear With Hunter Boots
It has actually been years since I had a proper picnic though. The past few times I’ve packed a lunch for a trip to the countryside, we would just eat it in the car if we weren’t able to find a picnic table but that’s totally not the same, right?! A proper as is laying a blanket on the ground, under a big tree, and using a basket instead of a cool box – although a cool box is an absolute genius invention! To be at one with nature and to enjoy the fresh air, a picnic is definitely the best way to spend your hours in rural England.
Having that scenic backdrop in mind, I have put together a Summer outfit that is suitable for most fun, outdoorsy activity! And as always, you have to be prepared for the rain even during Summer… Well, it is England, after all! The items I’ve picked out isn’t a case of style, but more about comfort and a way to work around items you’re not necessarily used to wearing such as a raincoat and wellington boots. I did an outfit post a while back on how I style Hunter Wellies in the Winter and I even did a short Outfit Of The Day video for it too so I thought it’d be nice to update it for Summer.
What To Wear With Hunter Boots
Polkadot Top from Topshop, £34
This polkadot top is cropped and slightly loose-fitting with flattering V-shaped neckline. Comfortable and stylish, you can’t go wrong with polkadots!
Plastic Raincoat from Topshop, £55
The yellow raincoat is an item of clothing I would never had considered a year ago but I’ve seen a few people wear one and they look quite cute! If you’re looking for a yellow raincoat, Topshop has one instore at the moment – and for once, the price is quite reasonable!
What make-up would you go for when you’re wearing a bright yellow raincoat? I’d probably just keep it plain and minimal with this number 34 from the Rimmel Summer shades, a baby pink lipstick.
Nails Inc from ASOS, £14
This shade is called Whitehall and it’s from from Nails In The New White collection. There are 4 shades in this collection and I love every single one of them!
It is far too hot to wear jeans so my next go-to bottoms are a pair of denim shorts! These are high waisted which would go nicely with the cropped shirt if you don’t want to show your midriff. 
When I got my Hunter Boots, I thought I’d only wear them for when it snows but they’ve been so handy for walking the dog in the park and woods. I’m getting more out of my Hunters during the Summer than I did in Autumn and Winter! It’s probably because I go out more during the Summer! Obviously the Hunter Wellies are great for when it’s wet and boggy, but it’s actually quite ideal for when you go walking in areas where the grass is long – I hate the tickling sensation, I always think it’s something crawling up my leg!
A rucksack would be ideal so that you can put your raincoat and picnic blanket in there (and of course some extra snacks for the picnic!!!)
Keeping it low-key on the accessories front but a bargain pair of sunnies are a must-have for an activity where you’ll be spending the day outdoors. This pair of sunglasses are from ASOS and they are a dead ringer for the RayBan Clubmasters!

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11 thoughts on “What To Wear With Hunter Boots | Summer Edition

  1. Fab outfit idea! I've got a pair of hunters and am never really sure what to wear with them beyond the typical short shorts, crop top festival combo.. I am seriously loving that Herschel satchel too!! Great post 🙂

    Laura @ What's Hot?

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