The Product You Never Knew You Needed

pump it up dry shower body wash
When I first heard about Pump It Up Dry Shower Body Wash, I was really intrigued. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by a dry shower body wash that was ideal to take to festivals and camping, or any on-the-go situations.
I thought I had an idea in my head as to what Pump It Up was going to be like – was it going to be like a hand sanitiser or like a dry shampoo? Was it going to be a gel formula or a powder? When the range arrived, they were even better than I thought.

The bottles are a lot bigger than what I had in mind and the packaging is really funky. The formula is neither a gel nor a powder, it’s actually a foam that rubs in like water and dries on it’s own.

pump it up dry shower body wash
There’s actually a lot of use for a dry shower body wash. Pump it Up Dry Shower Body Wash are made for the times when you really need to freshen up but can’t get to a shower so they’re absolutely fantastic for festivals and campings, but it’s also great to freshen up ‘on-the-go’, so maybe straight after a run, a work-out, a day of golf, a hot day at work, on days out or a day at the seaside. You get the idea!
It’s just something you can use until you get home for a proper shower or bath. It’s also product that you can use in lieu of wet wipes and body spray, it’s more effective because it doesn’t add a scent, it actually cleanses, kills bacteria and body odour.

You can pop to the toilets and use Pump It Up before your journey home and be the freshest one on the bus, train, or tube! Sounds pretty ideal for the hot weather we’re experiencing right now, am I right? Imagine if everyone used Pump It Up before getting on the tube… 

pump it up dry shower body wash
The pump dispenses the foam and all you do it rub it in to skin. Don’t worry, the foam won’t lather up. The foam will feel wet on skin like water or a gel hand sanitiser and it will dry on it’s own without a towel. Pump It Up is dermatologically tested and formulated especially for the purpose of keeping you stay fresh. It kills bacteria, cleans and moisturises. 
When I was walking the dog the other week, it was extremely hot and I started to get really uncomfortably sticky. It was before I got hold of Pump It Up but it would have come in handy on that very day, even if it was just to apply it over my arms, neck and legs. I wouldn’t have felt as grubby on my way home.
pump it up dry shower body wash
It currently comes in 6 different scents but the scents are actually very light and subtle, it doesn’t last very long. There’s just a hint of a fragrance but I suppose the most important thing is that has anti-bacterial properties. It is definitely worth noting that the formula is pH Balanced and it doesn’t contain parabens, or alcohol.
There are three scents for women which are Raspberry, Mandarin, and Cucumber. And there’s three scents for men which are Spearmint and Lime, Coconut, and Eucalyptus. The ingredients on all 6 bottles are the same so the formula doesn’t differ from the women’s and men’s, only the scent. I actually really like the coconut one and the Eucalyptus one!
I think that Pump It Up is definitely something I would use in the Summer but not so much during Winter. But just like a hand sanitizer, a dry shower body wash is extremely handy to have it on hand for on-the-go situations.
Pump it Up is available from instore or online at Boots (shop link), each 150ml bottle costs £3.00.
What do you think of a dry body shower wash? Is it something you’re interested in checking out?

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19 thoughts on “The Product You Never Knew You Needed

  1. These seem really interesting! It has been so hot in Wales that I think these could become a bag staple. I love the sound of the raspberry & Spearmint and Lime ones (: xx

  2. I'm not too sure what to make of this product. I do like the sound of it but I think it's something I'd have to try out a few times as I've never come across anything like it before. I do like the scents it comes in, especially cucumber as it's so fresh 🙂 X


  3. I've seen them at boots. I will definitely give them a whirl since I am going to few festivals this summer! I just need to pick a scent! x

  4. I've never heard of anything like this before, but they sound like such a good idea! They would definitely be perfect for Holidays and Festivals! Will have to check these out now – great review! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

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