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It has been reeeaally hot this past week (don’t forget to slather that suncream all over yo’selves) and it might look ludicrous that I’m wearing tights in these pics, but the photos were taken the week before and I’ve not had a chance to post them on the blog until now. But let me tell you, it was mega grim up north. Dark, wet, all round grim. I have, of course, ditched the tights since then! How lovely has the weather been this week? ROASTING!
In all honesty, I don’t know how to dress for Summer this year! That’s all about to change this month as we are finally treated to some decent sunshine and I’ve ordered a bunch of Summer clothes to wear for approximately the next fortnight before it quickly turns COLD again. And a fortnight is wishful thinking! But I’ll try and cram in a few Summer-y outfit posts on my blog before that ol’ British breeze comes back!
striped top styled by fashion blogger
I bought this stripy top from Primark for £4 and I wish I grabbed a couple more. I don’t think they stock them anymore because I bought it in the New Year. I love stripes and wear it all year round, I just don’t have a top that holds it’s quality. Although for £4, I can’t ask for much! The fabric has stretched, in particular around the sleeves, but considering how cheap it cost and how many times I’ve worn (and washed) it, the overall shape is holding up quite well!
striped top styled by fashion blogger
If anyone is wondering for a tip on how to not look like an awkward turtle when getting your photo taken for your fashion blog, you literally replace the awkwardness with silliness. Like spinning around until you’re sick or walk one step forward/one step back (ok, so we’re rockin’ back and forth here, which isn’t the best of looks for anyone watching you and but at least your photos are going to turn out alright!) 
I can’t pose and I’m not cool enough to look, well, cool. So acting like a fool is the best I can offer. I just hope I don’t spin so much that I fall into the lake one of these days!!
striped top styled by fashion blogger
stripey top

What I Wore:

Top Primark // Skirt ASOS // Bag New Look / Sunglasses RayBan / Shoes Freed Of London

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23 thoughts on “Outfit: Stripey Top From Primark

  1. I love the simple £4 tops from Primark, they're definitely a wardrobe must have! I love how simple this outfit is and how you managed to make monochrome more summer appropriate too, I'm the worst at taking fashion pictures for my blog- I always look awkward but you look amazing 🙂
    Dalal /

  2. Gotta love a simple striped top! I definitely need to make a trip to Primark soon and buy a ton of staple items for my wardrobe!

    And love these shots – I feel you – I'm either serious in pictures, or have to do something silly!!

    A Little Twist Of…

  3. I stil love, love, love when you do outfit posts, Sarah! And you look so happy and carefree in these photos 🙂 Of course you know I can never argue with a good striped top, and what a great Primark find – I always get so overwhelmed when I'm there, the only thing I ever buy is tights, ha ha, so I'm so impressed by people who can go in and find fabulous pieces, especially basics. Love this look 🙂

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