models own malibu pink
Models Own Malibu Pink doesn’t look all that bright in the bottle but no mistake that this is indeed a very vibrant shade of pink once it’s on your nails! I don’t think that the trueness of the colour is showing up in these photographs, but Malibu Pink verges on the fluorescent side but it’s not so neon that it blinds you! 


models own malibu pink from polish for tan collection
Malibu Pink is a one of the five new shade as part of Models Own’s Polish For Tans Collection. I love a good pink nail polish, but I’m not one for the wishy washy pinks. I want a sharp, vivid, Barbie Pink. Hot Pink. Candy Pink. And Malibu Pink, in this case!
models own malibu pink
I have applied two coats here, and I think two is enough but if you want a fuller coverage, go for three. But I think two is suffice. It has a semi-matte finish and the polish lasts on nails for about 3-4 days without chipping if the polish is sealed with a top coat.
models own malibu pink from polish for tan collection
Models Own Polish For Tans Collection is designed with the idea of the neon-esque nail polishes enhancing the appearance of your tan. I blogged about them here, and I’ll be doing a couple more swatch reviews soon! 
The polishes are £4.99 per bottle and is available to buy from Models Own website, Models Own Bottle Shops, Boots, Superdrug.
Whats your favourite Models Own nail polish shade?
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20 thoughts on “Nails: The Brightest Pop Of Pink

  1. I have one of the neon ones from Models Own that is from the last year collection. I can't remember the name on top of my head but I found that the application has been quite streaky and though I like how it enhances the tan I just don't like how streaky it always looks. How did this one go on?

  2. Love this colour so much! I'm the same with my pinks pastel pinks don't really suit my skin tone, but bright pinks that really pop compliment my skin tone perfectly. Need this shade, although I haven't always been the biggest fan of Nails Inc formula in the past…might be worth it for the colour though! 🙂 xx

  3. I've actually never tried Models Own before so I don't have my favourite shade yet but this one really does remind me of Barbie! I'm not into pastel nail colours either as they're so hard to apply and get "dirty" really easily.
    Dalal x

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