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In the lead up to Birchbox July edition which I’ll no doubt be blogging about very soon, I was asked to pick a couple of beauty products that would be suitable for travelling (there’s the clue as to what the theme of Birchbox July is going to be!)
Immediately, Summer holiday popped into my mind. I browsed through the Birchbox shop and looked for something that would suitable.
birchbox travel beauty
With that in mind, I picked a travel set from Janjira and the miracle worker that is Philip Kingsly Elastisizer. The luxurious 5-piece Thai Lime and Ginger travel set (£30, shop link) contains a body lotion, shower gel, massage oil, sugar milky body scrub, body butter and a wash bag to store it all in. The Thai Lime and Ginger fragrance has a refreshing smell, it’s really lovely and exotic. The ginger notes really come through to give the scent it’s warmth.
The thing that drew me to this set was small pot of body scrub. It has a milky, gooey texture and it makes your skin feel polished and smooth. The products would be perfect for a 1 or 2 weeks holiday – apart from the shower gel. Although the shower gel lathers up very nicely, a little goes a long way and it will last 7 days – but just about. you’re probably going to have to pack a full size bottle if your holiday lasts for longer than a week.
philip kingsley elastisizer
The second item I chose was the Philip Kingsley Elastisizer (£27, shop link). There are always Philip Kingsley samples included in these beauty boxes, and thanks to Birchbox, I’ve been able to try out a few but my favourite is the Elastisizer which comes in different sizes and different price points. They do a few 3-piece sample kits for £6 which is a bargain! 
philip kingsley elastisizer
The Elastisizer is a pre-shampoo conditioner that helps treat the hair and protect it from heat damage (including sun exposure). It will also help replenish your hair whilst your on holiday after spending hours in the sun frolicking in the salty sea or a pool full of chlorine. When you use the Elastisizer, it gives your the permission to use heat appliances and give you the peace of mind that your hair is going to be somewhat protected from further damage.
I always forget that you can buy beauty products from the Birchbox shop, and there are a lot of convenient travel sets available at the moment! As well as that, there are some fab products from niche brands that’s worth a look! 
If you’re thinking of signing up to Birchbox, here is a discount code for £5 OFF your first box: SUMMERTS 
Enter the code upon checkout and £5 will be deducted. The discount offer is valid from 1st July until 31st July. If you’d like to see what Birchbox is like, please check out my unboxing blogposts. There has been some fabulous collaborations lately and I wonder what the next box is like!
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4 thoughts on “Luxury Beauty Products You Can Afford To Take On Holiday

  1. I received a sample of a Janjira facial scrub in a Birchbox and I really like it. I'm considering buying the full product when I've finished it. Although it does use scrubby bits, which I'm not hugely keen on using on my face, they're quite gentle so you really can have a good scrub without it being too harsh x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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