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I’m getting thirsty looking back at these photos, I am now craving an ice chilled mojito cocktail! When Funkin Cocktails asked if I’d like to try a selection of their drinks, I jumped at the chance! You see, I’m not good at making cocktails. I do tend to experiment and make it up as I go along, and more often than not, the end result is a questionable dark coloured liquid that tastes like an out-of-date cough medicine. Pretty gross. But I do LOVE a good cocktail especially when I’m on a night out despite how expensive they are! But what’s better is a ready made cocktail that you can drink at home, at BBQ’s, festivals, girls night in, or parties!

ready made cocktails
Funkin Cocktails are ready made non-alcoholic mixers and all you need to do is add your choice of alcohol. They taste absolutely delicious on it’s own though, so if you’re tee-total, Funkin Cocktail Mixers are suitable for you too! I’ve been drinking them without alcohol in a tall glass with a load of ice! The flavours I’ve been trying are strawberry daiquiri, mojito, strawberry woo woo, cosmopolitan, margarita, pina colada and…. a brazilian. 
funkin cocktails ready made mixers
The best thing about Funkin Cocktails Mixers is that they’re made with 100% natural so it’s free from preservatives, colourings and flavourings. My favourite is strawberry daiquiri, mojito and pina colada which I blogged about here. The pina colada one tastes like Yakult which I love! Funkin Cocktails are so ideal for fun summer occasions, and because they’re so delicious and easy to make, it’s bound to be a hit with everyone! Not only can you make tasty cocktails, you can also make yummy ice lollies out of the mixers too!
Funkin Cocktails also sell a range of purees and cocktail syrups so if you’re a bit of an pro at making drinks (or if you like to experiment), then do check out the flavours because there are some unusual ones such as Earl Grey, Agave Nectar, Pickle Juice, Rhubarb, Sugar Cane, and Ginger. 

funkin cocktails ready made mixers
You can purchase Funkin Cocktails products at Waitrose, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges – or directly from Funkin Cocktails website! Prices start from £2.99. Keep your eyes peeled for them! I highly recommend the Pina Colada!
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5 thoughts on “Funkin Cocktails | Cocktails Made Easy

  1. Those look delicious! Just the packaging makes me want to buy some straight away! Since I'm from the US I'm hoping they ship here, I'm on my way to check it out right after this! Thanks for sharing!(:


  2. Yes these, I love the sound of these I think they'll be a staple in my fridge for the summer (and uni. Because wow these are much better than wasting all the alcohol on questionable concoctions). Considering the price of cocktails on a night out these are such an awesome alternative when you want them at home instead 😀
    I am intrigued by rhubarb and Earl Grey… Tea cocktails?? Need to try.

    Fii || little miss fii

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