selfridges beauty essentials for summer

Beauty Haul: Summer Beauty At Selfridges

A cheerful parcel arrived from Selfridges&Co recently containing some of their Summer beauty essentials, and I can say, with complete confidence, that it is one of the best parcels I have ever received!

When I knew that it was on it’s way, I was literally running to the door every time I heard noise outside in hope that it was the postie! When it finally arrived, I actually did a little jump for joy, you can only imagine how giddy I was! I’m giddy with happiness just thinking about it now! CAN’T. CONTAIN. EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!

selfridges beauty essentials for Summer
Selfridges has selected some Summer beauty essentials for me – a mini haul, if you will – and I’ve been diving right in! I sure need some help to prep for the Summer, that’s for sure! All of the individual products are all available or will soon be available to buy at the beauty department at Selfridges, in store and online.
So, shall we get on with it and start talking about what beauty products I received? Let’s do it!
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2015

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent*, £47

This limited edition perfume which is only available to buy during Summer is THE ultimate fragrance of the season! If you’re going to treat yourself to one perfume this Summer, make it the Bronze Goddess. 
As I mentioned in my review last year and my recent blogpost on the Bronze Goddess 2015 Collection, this Eau Fraiche Skinscent is a light fragrance that smells like creamy coconut milk with zesty citrus notes of orange and lemons, sweetened with vanilla, amber and lavender. 
I bought a bottle last year which came in a golden glass design, but I much prefer this year’s ombre, sunset bottle design, it’s so pretty! The scent remains the same each year – only the packaging/bottle design is updated.
Charlotte Tilbury cleopatra eyeshadow
Charlotte Tilbury Eye To Mesmerise Cream Eye Shadow* (shade: Cleopatra), £22
(shop link)
I’ve admired Charlotte Tilbury make-up from afar as it’s not an accessible brand in the location that I’m currently based but when I visited the beauty department at Selfridges in Manchester a few months ago, I had a good nose about! 
As I browsed and swatched, all of the beauty reviews that I had ran through my mind. The quality of Charlotte Tilbury make-up is everything that everyone says it is. Pretty, high quality, pigmented, comfortable and long-lasting.
Charlotte Tilbury Cleopatra eyeshadow
Cleopatra is a lustrous, metallic shade described as a peacock blue inspired by the Queen of Egypt and Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal of Cleopatra – vibrant, dramatic, rich and glam! As one of the brightest colour in the Eye To Mesmerise collection, Cleopatra isn’t for the shrinking violets. This is definitely one for a girl’s night out!
My swatch (above) shows one layer of the eyeshadow cream applied, but the colour is buildable so that it looks as vibrant as it does in the pot. The water-infused formula with added vitamin E makes the texture extremely creamy, it’s almost gel-like. I can’t wait for my next visit to the Charlotte Tilbury beauty counter!
NARS Ultimate Lip Pencil Set
NARS Ultimate Lip Pencil Set*, £29
This is a yet-to-be-launched pencil kit so it’s an exclusive first look preview! I’m going to do a full review closer to the launch date (1st July) with swatches and more photos very soon, but for now, a brief introduction on what it is. 
This NARS Ultimate Lip Pencil Kit contains 3 lip pencils in shade: Biscayne Park (a warm, light, medium nude peachy brown with a satin finish), Sex Machine (pink-mauve with a velvet matte finish) and Stourhead (a pale, cool toned pink with a satin finish). They are held in a beautifully designed case which actually reminds me of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs because of the colours!. 
NARS lipsticks are particularly known for it’s comfortable, creamy, buttery, lightweight formula and these lip pencils are no different. Even the matte is easy to wear. You can use them to line the lips but they are chubby enough to apply all over the lips. Very easy to apply and I love that these are not at all sticky, you can hardly feel it! The set comes with a sharpener.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antigua
Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder* in shade Antigua, £28
(shop link)
Bobbi Brown powders are amazing! When I first opened this up, I thought it was a blush but it’s a technically an Illuminating Bronzing Powder (which can be used as a blush). It’s the bronze with a pink tone. It is a light bronzer which is designed for pale, porcelain skin as it gives a sheer wash of colour, and an illuminating radiance due to the gold shimmers. It’s light but it’s still pigmented, so I have to remember not to be too heavy handed. I’ll be using this as a blusher as well as a bronzer!
Aerin Gradual Tan For Face And Body
AERIN Gradual Tan For Face And Body*, £42.00
I don’t know about you, but I’m normally too impatient for this type of product and when I fancy a tan, I like to use something that gives instant results – but they are obviously very messy from the get-go. And it can end up looking too orange, especially if you get a bit addicted to it (like I used to be!)
Timings aside though, I actually like the sound of a natural-looking tan that gradually develops. The appealing factor to this is that it’s not messy, it’s a colourless cream that you apply all over the body and face so it really is no fuss, no muss. 
AERIN Gradual Tan For Face And Body was featured as one Best Self-Tanner – so I’m really looking forward to trying this out for the next few months and see how the results look! Hopefully, this will be included in a monthly favourites or a future Empties post where I can tell you a lot more!
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19 thoughts on “Beauty Haul: Summer Beauty At Selfridges

  1. I instantly thought Cadbury Creme Egg when I saw the Nars packaging too! Loving the Summer essentials pack they've put together for you, especially the Tilbury eye shadow, that colour is oh so pretty, and who doesn't want a little Cleopatra about them? She was all kinds of awesome!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm dying over this whole post. The brands they've included are so amazing! Charlotte Tilbury! Aerin! NARS! What a great selection of products. Hats off to Selfridges for such a perfectly curated set of Summer essentials.
    Ivory Avenue

  3. Wow, all of these products look absolutely stunning! It's like Christmas in June. I'm really intrigued by that Bobbi Brown bronzing powder. I love how it's suited for those with fair skin and can be used as a blush or bronzer – very cool!

    The Beauty Collective

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