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My Collection Of Quirky Jewellery

I have a soft spot for quirky jewellery. I feel like the time when I ran my own online jewellery boutique is a distant memory now and even though I believed at the time that it was the best thing for me to move on from it, I totally regret closing it down. It’s something that I’ll never be able to go back to now so I have to move on but I still think about it everyday! I suppose there’s really no use dwelling. It is what it is! If anyone’s interested, I’ve still got some of my old blogposts up and here’s the fun stuff I used to do! *sob sob*
I often browse online for independent shops that sells cute, quirky jewellery – and there was a time where they were opening left, right and centre – but I feel like they are no longer as popular as they used to be. Or maybe it’s because I’m not in that circle anymore, I don’t notice them as much these days. But I have found a couple of gems that still makes some really unique jewellery. Jewellery that are fun. You know, jewellery that expresses a bit of your personality to the world. Jewellery that isn’t boring!
red bus necklace from tatty devine
Red Bus Necklace from Hengelo*, £30
When I was looking through the jewellery section on Hengelo’s website, I spotted this Routemaster pendant necklace and I just loved it. As it is a Tatty Devine design, I thought the pendant would be a bit bigger and I worried how wearable it would be. I chose it because I can use it to remind myself where I need to be (in London). I’ve been really lost with job hunting and I don’t even know where my life is going anymore! The plan of moving to London is slowly slipping away and I’m losing momentum, and my confidence is going straight with it! There has been a few things that have come through which gets my hopes up, but then they fall through and I end up right at square one again. One step forward, two steps back. *sigh*. 
Anyway, when the Tatty Devine necklace arrived through the post, I was surprised at how small the gift box was – bearing in mind that I thought the necklace was quite big. When I opened it, I totally fell love with the little red bus! It measures 3.5cm x 2cm and it is such a cute necklace. I’m glad that it’s small because I can wear it with most outfits. It’s an adorable necklace and I love it a lot! I feel like it’s going to be my lucky charm!
pineapple necklace from AndMary
Ceramic Pineapple Necklace* from Ohh Deer, £27
I love me pineapples, I do! There’s no denying that this is certainly a sweet little necklace. It’s made of ceramic and it’s only a long chain so it’s not as practical because I’m so aware that it can bash against surfaces or accidentally fall off and smash to pieces. 
Sometimes when I’m wearing a plain, dark outfit, I like to wear this to brighten it up! It brightens up my mood too! Mine is from Ohh Deer but I think it’s sold out because I can’t find it on their website. If you fancy a little pineapple necklace of your own, it’s available on And Mary website (quirky jewellery galore!)
watermelon necklace from tatty devine
Watermelon Necklace from Hengelo*, £45
I adore this Tatty Devine watermelon necklace from Hengelo. It’s such an eye-catching piece, but it’s not too ‘out there’ if that makes sense? I feel comfortable wearing it as a statement piece without it being too wacky. Check out Hengelo’s jewellery range, they stock some really lovely things!
silver flamingo necklace
Origami Flamingo Necklace from John Greed*, £19.95
This isn’t as colourful and vibrant as the other necklaces but it’s still pretty cute, don’t ya think!? I love how small and dainty it is. There’s other animal designs in the Origami Safari collection on the John Greed website. I’ve got the origami horse necklace one too but the flamingo is my favourite!
rose gold pineapple necklace
Rose Gold Pineapple Necklace from Lady Muck of Whitstable*, £24
Combining two of my favourite things; rose gold and pineapples! Could this necklace be any more perfect?! The unique thing about this is that it’s made from laser cut metal. It’s a really great quality and feels more expensive than laser cut acrylic. The pendant is the right size, big enough to get noticed. It’s got a great amount of details etched in to the metal, it’s amazing!
I feel like this rose gold pineapple necklace can be worn all year round. Unlike the bright and colourful ceramic pineapple necklace which is quite Summery! If rose gold isn’t your thing, this super cute pineapple necklace is also available in silver or gold. 
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21 thoughts on “My Collection Of Quirky Jewellery

  1. I think my favourite is the watermelon! So cute!!
    I remember your store. I got an adorable little bunny ring! Loved your store
    Do you ever think about opening a new one at all? Or something similar?

  2. Although I no longer blog, I still read and I just wanted to say how much nostalgia this post brought back about your little store and how I found the world of blogging way way back then. I can't actually believe those old blog posts are from 5 years ago and more! I remember stumbling across your site and falling in love with everything. Then I discovered your little blog section and I guess that's when I discovered a whole other online world. I remember your forum too! Seems like just yesterday but it was so long ago in reality.
    And I just wanted to say how lovely it is to still read your blog and watch what you have done over those 5 years. I am sure the right opportunities will come up for you when they are ready.

    (: x

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