It’s always a bit scary to try new skincare products especially from brands you’ve never heard of before but I guess I’m feeling adventurous! After looking in to it, I thought that KORE Skincare sounded a bit o’ alright! 
I learnt that KORE Skincare is from Australia that uses their unique ‘Kore Complex’ ingredients alongside the latest advanced technologies. Their focus is on producing high quality skin care that stimulates and rejuvenates for a healthier looking skin. They don’t use harsh chemicals, all of their products are parabens free and they do not test on animals. 
From trying out their products, I found them to be potent and a little goes a very long way. The brand reminds me of Elemis in how they smell and feel. And in the sense that they’re both premium, rich in formula and is more suited to older skin. I would consider KORE skincare for mature skin, so if you’re after some anti-ageing skincare that lifts and firms, I’d recommend KORE.
I have been testing out seven KORE skincare products in a starter kit: Foaming Cleanser, Pearl Gentle Exfoliator, Pearl Revitalising Toner, Repairing Eye Serum, Pearl Intensive Serum, Pearl Optimal Repair Cream and Restorative Day Cream.
Foaming Cleanser:
I usually stay away from any type of skincare that foams, it tends to be quite stripping and drying on my skin but the KORE Foaming Cleanser actually felt gentle and moisturising. There was actually minimal foaming, it just felt like a milky cleanser which you use with water. The benefits of this cleanser includes thoroughly removing make-up (although not eye make up), enhances cell renewal, boosts the skin’s own defence mechanism and removes residue of excess sebum and perspiration. 
Revitalising Toner:
I know I should use a toner as part of my skincare routine but I’ve wasted so much money trying to find one that suits my skin, and I haven’t found anything that works. The search for the perfect toner continues but this one from KORE isn’t too bad at all! It’s actually one of the better ones that I’ve tried. I like how refreshing it feels on my face, it wakens up the skin. Using a toner helps your pores tighten up after cleansing so I should really start using one!
Intensive Serum:
The results from serums are a gradual thing so I didn’t expect to see an immediate difference. I’ve been using this at night time to let the hyaluronic acid, milk nutrients and vegetable to work it’s magic while I sleep. The serum is designed to combat signs of premature ageing.
Repairing Eye Cream:
Along with the toner, the repairing eye cream is my favourite product out of the lot. It’s light and soothing, and helps keeps the skin around my eyes moisturised. It sinks in to skin really quickly too which is one of the main things I look for in an eye cream. Suitable for all skin types, the Repairing Eye Cream strengthens, reduces dark circles and fine lines.
Gentle Exfoliator:
This really is a gentle exfoliator, it has very small and fine particles that doesn’t feel harsh or abrasive on skin. It brightened my skin and made it feel smoother. I didn’t break out after using the exfoliator but that’s because I used a mask afterwards. The kit doesn’t include a face mask, but I would recommend using any mask after you’ve used an exfoliator. This conditions your skin and prevents a break-out.
Optimal Repair Cream:
This is recommended as both a day cream and a night cream for people who have dehydrated skin. It plumps and protects with it’s powerful formula of wheat and soy protein. It doesn’t feel as heavy as I thought it would be, however, I’ve only been using it at night. I apply the Optimal Repair Cream after using the serum.
Restorative Day Cream:
I didn’t get on with this cream at all, it just didn’t sink it to my skin. After two hours, I had to wash it off because my skin felt oily and sticky, and I could feel a break out emerging if I had left it on my face for any longer. It might be more suitable for anyone who has dry skin as it seemed to have encouraged oils to surface. 

KORE Skincare is currently available on their website only which I know is such a pain when you’re not familiar with a brand. The travel pack that I received contains 7 miniatures that’s great for sampling (or even taking on your holidays). Unfortunately, it isn’t available to buy as a set but it does come as free gift for orders over £100!

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2 thoughts on “KORE Skincare | Made In Australia

  1. I love Kore products but they're just so expensive and hard to get! You'd think that as an Australian they would have more products available in store or something but sadly they don't. I do love the Complex Restorative Day Cream but it's a little on the expensive side for a student like me so I'd rather get other brands.

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