Buying clothes for a Summer holiday is both exciting and stressful. Exciting because it’s the lead up to your holiday and you’re going to look amazing! But stressful because you’re parting with a chunk of money on clothes you might only wear once.
The latter sounds stupid and such a waste of money, but honestly, there’s no point in denying it, it’s just what happens! It has happened to me throughout the years, where I buy a few items of trendy clothes that doesn’t stand the test of time. Or clothes that are cheap and made from flimsy fabric that it just falls apart by the end of your trip.
But y’know, wearing your vibrant, floaty items of clothing in England just isn’t the same as when you wore it in sunny, tropical Spain. It just isn’t hot enough back at home! The weather is too unpredictable and that kaftan isn’t going to go with your duffle coat. Nope. And you’d think you’d be able to just dig it back out of storage for your next holiday, but by then, everything just looks dated and out of fashion, and you get yourself into that ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ mindset. You girls know where I’m coming from!
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It’s very easy to get caught up in the moment though, to save up and spend a load of money on fresh, brightly coloured holiday wear – and why not! We all want to look nice and feel special on that holiday we worked so hard for! You deserve it!
However, through the years, I’ve learnt to be less frivolous and more sensible with the situation (aren’t I a bundle of JOY!). I’ve started to gather inspiration for holiday wear on Pinterest, to give myself a head start on what to look for when I’m shopping for holiday clothes.

After having a look through EspritI found some timeless designs that you could enjoy wearing on several holidays, and also back home in England too! From past experience, Esprit designs are not only timeless but they’re always really well made too – so you will be able to dig these back out of storage and wear them Summer after Summer without worrying it will fall apart at the seams! Win-win!

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8 thoughts on “Holiday Clothes That You Can Actually Wear Every Summer

  1. I'm all for timeless pieces that you can bring out again and again. It's amazing how you can re-purpose the same outfit just by changing your accessories. I love a good staple holiday wardrobe and keep things like throw over dresses and shorts for years (as long as they fit!). Invest in quality, take care and store them properly and they will last you ages!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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