I like Anatomicals products but I’m not always keen on their packaging. Nevertheless, I actually think the product themselves are actually quite good and they smell great! I’ve tried several things from the range before and have always really enjoyed them. All the cool shops stock them (Topshop, Urban Outfitters, ASOS to name a few) so they’re definitely doing something right! And the best thing about Anatomicals is the price, they’re affordable and pretty darn decent in quality too!

Skin Care
For the fun factor, these colourful sachets are great for a girly night in, or to take with you on your travels for the convenience – because no-one wants to take a weekly full size product that you’re only going to use that once or twice when you’re on your jolly hols! These sachets will do nicely and from £1.00 each, these weekly face treatments are really affordable and don’t require much effort.
Admittedly, I wouldn’t replace it with my usual face scrubs and masks but I think they’re great as a one-off for at the end of a long day when you can’t be bothered to go through a long and strenuous deep clean routine. And as I said, they’re good for your travels as it doesn’t hoard up the space in your luggage.
Each packet contains enough for one use and there are several other options including a mattifying face mask, chocolate scented anti-stress face mask, deep cleansing mud mask and the following ones that I’m about to show you. 
I can’t find much information about them and how they work, apart from what I can see on the back of the packet. But to be honest, for such an affordable price, I don’t think it has a complex formula, they’re basic, straight-forward, and pretty self-explanatory. 
Apricot Face Scrub* (£1.49) is a scrub to refine, polish and remove dead skin cells to transform dull, lacklustre face in to a smoother, brighter one. It has sweet mango for it’s deep cleansing properties, crushed apricot kernals to lightly polish skin and aloe vera to soften, soothe, and moisturise.
Tropical Hydrating Face Mask* (£1.00) helps hydrate and boost moisture in dry and dehydrated skin. It’s made with fresh coconut water combined with papaya, pineapple extract, cocoa seed butter and soybean extract. 
Anti-Blemish Face Mask* (£1.00) unclogs blocked pores and prevents break-outs. The mask has tea tree oil which is an effective ingredient to combat blemishes. There’s also sage oil and evening primrose oil to help calm redness and irritation.

Hand and Body Moisturisers
Night Time Hand Cream* (£3.99) – A rich, creamy hand cream made from softening ingredients such as avocado. I really like it, it’s very softening and it smells really good, like shea butter and cucumber! If I was to pick my favourite product out of this lot, it would be this hand cream. If your hands have been a hard day’s work, treat them to this Night Time Hand Cream treatment which only cost £3.99!
Coconut and Mango Body Lotion*(£3.99) This smells really good as you can imagine! It’s fruity and tropical, a great reminder that Summer is just around the corner! And as it is so close, I’ll be prepping my skin with a lot of body lotion. Literally going to slather it on! (Winter hasn’t been good to me!!). 
You can buy anatomicals products from ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Superdrug. Let me know what your thoughts are and if you’ve used anything from anatomicals that I need to try!
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