Festival Beauty Essentials body spray
Every 90’s girl remembers these body sprays! Through my adolescence, my friends and I were obsessed with So…? and Impulse, we’d sprayed them all day long during break time, lunch time, after P.E and home time! I don’t know why we loved them so much, but body sprays were our must-have beauty item, a school bag essential! It was just the trendy thing to have!
Throughout the years, I grew up and moved on to ‘fancier’ things (designer perfumes and make-up) and So…? eventually faded out of my life. But it seems like girls all over the world have shared the same appreciation for these affordable, sweet smelling body sprays because for the past 20 years, So…? have only gone from strength to strength and have won several beauty awards. Go, them!!
Festival Beauty Essentials body spray
It doesn’t matter how old I am, if I was going to a festival or camping, or any where that requires being away from my home comforts, I’ll always turn to brands like So…?. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and convenient, and it doesn’t matter if you lose it or it runs out after 3 days. 
With the Isle of Wight Festival starting this week, festival season is in full swing and if you need a body fragrance and dry shampoo kit – check out the So…? Fresh-tival survival kit (£4.99) containing two mini cans of each.
mini body spray and dry shampoo
So…? Kiss Me Body Spray
This is their best selling fragrance, it has notes of blackcurrant, citrus, sweet vanilla and a floral musk.
So…? Sinful Body Spray
With notes of pineapple, warm floral heart of violet, creamy vanilla and a bitter taste of dark chocolate.
So…? Lovely Dry Shampoo
Floral and sweet scented dry shampoo with notes of apple, violet and sandalwood.
So…? Va Va Voom Dry Shampoo
A specially formulated dry shampoo that gives your hair va va volume! It cleanses oily roots and a boost of volume. Va Va Voom Dry Shampoo smells like mango, orange flower and vanilla.
affordable body spray and dry shampoo
Their fragrances also come in an individual 75ml bottles for £1.99 each, as shown on the left hand side of the photo above. These are the standard size and what most of us are used to. So…? Kiss Me is the same as the miniature one I described above. And So…? London smells like grapefruit, mandarin, apricot, jasmine, rose and violet with a base note of sandalwood, vanilla and musk. 
So…? Fragrances, Dry Shampoos and the Fresh-tival set are available from Boots, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Argos, Wilkos, and Superdrug.
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  1. Every time I read "So…?" I think that you're questioning the significance of the product haha, even though I know that it's just part of the name of the product 😛 I'm not too keen on artificial scents, but I've always been fascinated by dry shampoo! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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