Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2015
You know Summer has arrived until you see Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Collection on the shelves of the beauty department!
I love the hype around Bronze Goddess every single year it comes round, I get so excited for it! I love seeing how they’ve redesigned the bottle and I think this year’s is the best one yet!
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume 2015

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Like with most beauty products, it was the power of social media that led me to Bronze Goddess, in particular the perfume. I didn’t know about it before I started reading beauty blogs and I actually don’t know how long the collection has been going for – from what I can find on Google, Bronze Goddess is in it’s 5th year.
I could be wrong, so if anyone knows, let me know in the comment! What I do know is that it’s only available during a few months of the year – and you’ve got to be quick if you want it because it’s limited edition and they do sell out quite quickly!
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2015
Each year, they reinvent the packaging but I believe that the formula and scents remain the same. I bought the Bronze Goddess perfume last year (It’s sooo shiny which makes it most difficult thing to photograph!!) and I also have the new 2015 bottle but the scent is the same, only the colour of the bottle is different. 
I haven’t checked out the make up yet but perfume smells like ‘summer in a bottle’ (a bit of a cliche now!) but it really is the smell of Summer with notes of coconut milk, vanilla, lemon, bergamot, amber, lavender, orange (and many more!). It’s such a lovely, exotic scent, the coconut really comes through. 
The full collection of Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess 2015 and the prices are as follows:
2.  Shimmer Body Oil, £29
3. Powder Bronzer, £32
4. Nail Lacquer in Nude Pearl, £14.50
6. Illuminating Bronzer Gelee, £32
7. Pure Colour Gloss Pens (3 shades available), £17
8. All-Over Illuminator, £44
9. Shimmering Nude Eyeshadow Palette, £44
10. Whipped Body Creme, £29
11. Gelee Bronzer, £32

What do you fancy fro the Bronze Goddess Collection this year?

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