Travel Sized Beauty Miniatures

Miniature Beauty Products For Your Summer Holidays

I’m not very smart when it comes to packing my suitcase or an overnight bag. Between make-up, skincare and toiletries, my wash bag is the one thing that takes up space in my luggage – everything is so bulky and it doesn’t seem to make any difference when I try to restrict myself to the bare minimum. The wash bag is still the same size no matter how many times I re-pack. This is probably because I’m taking full sized products…
These days, you can buy miniature, travel sized beauty products for everything! It’s not exactly economic to buy miniature beauty products and travel sized toiletries, but for the sake of saving precious luggage space, I’m going to start buying beauty miniatures for when I travel or go on holiday. 
Here are the travel sized beauty products that I’ve been saving aside for the next time I go on holiday:
liz earle hair care
Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo And Conditioner, 50ml for £5.75 each
You can now stick to your high end shampoos on your holidays because Liz Earle have these handy little 50ml tubes available to buy for £5.75 each. Liz Earle hair care is great for keeping your hair healthy, moisturised and strengthened. If you wash your hair everyday, the 50ml shampoo will probably last 7-10 days, but if you stretch out that 10 washes over the course of a two week holiday, it will last for the fortnight – just about! If you’d like to read more about Liz Earle haircare range, pop over here and check it out.
soap and glory gift sets
Soap&Glory Travel Sized Toiletries
I believe that Soap&Glory have a small selection of travel sized toiletries that you can buy individually, or you can buy the gift sets that contains a couple of minis. Look out for the Birthday Gift Sets (£5) which have two mini products in them or the Clean Getaway gift set that has four minis in for £10.
Travel Sized Beauty Miniatures
I always forget my toothpaste and I always end up having to buy one at the airport or at the nearest Boots! Usually, hotels have new tubes of toothpaste which you can purchase or have for free, just pop to the reception and ask, but otherwise, a small tube of toothpaste can be bought from supermarkets.
Small Can Of Dry Shampoo
A cheap and cheerful can of dry shampoo is an essential for the in-between days! These don’t last long at all so you can literally use it while you’re on holiday and chuck it out while you’re there!
Jurlique Hand Cream
These are really cute, very small and handy! Again, it’s another one that doesn’t last long – would last a week or two with daily use. I don’t think you can buy the small one individually but they come in a set of 4.

Facial Cleanser

As much as I love Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, my 150ml bottle takes up too much space for my liking. You can actually buy a sample sized 30ml tube for £6.00 but for something different, and slightly cheaper in price, why not try Bee Good’s 30ml Honey and Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser for £4.95! It comes with the cutest, smallest muslin cloth at no extra cost!
Handbag Sized Hand Sanitizer

One of my handbag essentials, these small bottles of hand sanitizer are widely available. Look out for the mix and match 3-for-2 offers at Boots!
miniature make up products for travel

Make-Up Miniatures
It’s hard to find make-up minis to buy individually, I’m not even sure you can? But I’ve got an array of products that I’ve collected from free gifts sets, magazine free gifts, and Benefit’s beauty kits. Your first stop shop for guaranteed minis, Benefit is your best bet! They do the kits for around £23-£30 and they often contain at least 5 products. 
The older beauty kits had some of products fixed in to the packaging (eg, blush, eyeshadow, bronzers – anything powder based), but I LOVE that the new ones have individual loose products that you can lift them out of the kit and place it right in to your make-up bag! So, whatever your favourite Benefit foundation, highlighter, blush or mascara, you’re going to find it in one of their fabulous beauty kits!
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7 thoughts on “Miniature Beauty Products For Your Summer Holidays

  1. I'm definitely a fan of bulk buying, so I've taken to buying little containers that I could fill up with product to take with me when I travel. I love getting these in Taiwan. Taiwan has all sorts of little accessories 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I have kept all my minis from various beauty subscription boxes, magazines and freebies especially for travelling so they don't take up as much room! 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee

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