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Budget Beauty: 7 Skincare Under £5

Before you get too excited, I want to start by saying that Boots are not launching a monthly subscription beauty box – but they really really should, don’t cha think?! It would be incredibly popular and from the feedback I got on Twitter, it would press all the right buttons with beauty fans.

Affordable Skincare

What they have done here is curated a box of beauty products which they send to a review panel. From what I can gather, Boots have been sending these boxes out for quite some time, and I have seen them pop up on blogs before. But as it stands, Boots are not entering in to the monthly beauty box subscription business. 
This edition of the #BootsBeautyBox contains skincare from Boots own brand, they equipped me with all I need for daily and weekly cleanse. As regular readers know, I have tried many skincare products so it was interesting to see how Boots own brand compares. They’re all very affordable – all under £5 and with many of them currently half price, so if you’re on a budget, check out these following items which are all Boots own brand:
Cleansing Wipes, £1.50
As these were included in the box, I’m going to quickly touch up on it. I used facial wipes in the past – I was a lazy student back then and skincare was the least of my priorities – but I haven’t used them for years because firstly, looking after my skin is really important to me now and secondly, face wipes really strip my skin.

I find them really drying and they really don’t do much in terms of cleansing. These do say ‘moisturising – for dry skin’ on the front of the package, though. I won’t be using it on my face but I will be keeping them for when I’m wiping swatches from the back of my hand. 

affordable skincare
Botanics Micellar 3-in-1 Cleansing Solution All Bright, £2.99
(shop link)
Micellar water are all the rage these days, every skincare brand is launching their own. I haven’t got on well with Micellar waters, sometimes it leaves a film which makes my skin feel strange and unclean. I won’t be replacing Micellar cleansing water with a cream cleanser but it is extremely convenient. This one dissolves make-up, tones and removes impurities. The brightening ingredient is hibiscus which has a natural alpha hydroxyl acid that acts as an exfoliator to leave skin smoother and brighter. 
Tea Tree & Witch Hazel With Active Charcoal Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub, £4.59
(shop link)
Anything with tea tree and witch hazel in is a winner with me because both ingredients help to prevents and reduces spots. This particles in this is quite abrasive and rough so it’s probably not suitable for those with sensitive skin. It felt harsh on my face but I might use this for my arms and legs to prep my skin before applying fake tan, so all is not lost!
3-Minute Clay Mask, £1.50
(shop link)
A cucumber scented clay mask that is suitable for all skin types. It’s quite a small tube so it might be quite handy to take on holiday if you can’t live without a weekly face mask. As it is a clay mask, I expected it to dry and tighten skin but you only leave it on for 3 minutes so it doesn’t give it a chance to sit on your skin long enough for the clay to set. It leaves skin feeling soft but it does contain parabens so I won’t be repurchasing this, but £1.50 for a face mask is an absolute bargain!

skincare on a budget
Simply Sensitive Day Moisturiser with SPF 15, £3.49

If you have sensitive skin, the Simply Sensitive range is worth looking at. It doesn’t contain fragrance and it’s colour-free. It contains aloe vera which is what the moisturiser smells of. It’s such a bonus that it contains SPF 15 too. 

Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream Radiant Youth, usually £8.99 but is currently £4.49
(shop link)
Eye creams are really expensive and I can’t afford to keep buying the same one so while I save up, it would be a good idea to go for an eye cream that doesn’t cost as much. Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream feels cooling on skin so it wakes up the eyes in the morning. Creams can sometimes be too greasy around the eye area but this one isn’t too bad. The active ingredient is Gingko which is packed with antioxidants to protect skin from environmental stresses.
Skin Clear Ultra Rapid Action Spot Gel, £4.99
(shop link)
This is my favourite product out of this lot, I highly recommend it. I always have spot treatments on hand, my all time fave is Burt’s Bees Blemish Stick, but Skin Clear Ultra Rapid Action Spot Gel is a fraction of the price. It’s a fast acting gel that promises to work immediately, reducing the size of spots within 2 hours. 
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10 thoughts on “Budget Beauty: 7 Affordable Skincare Under £5

  1. I love some of the Botanics range at boots. I bought the Shine Away Ionic Mask because Kathleen Lights said she uses it in one of her older videos and I love it!

  2. A Boots beauty box would be great! I really like their products so I wouldn't feel at risk of getting terrible products each month. Although I guess it would be filled with a lot of skincare products that take a while to use up, so maybe a quarterly box would be good for them.

    Belle in Black and White

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