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Apart from the fact that the 100% natural skin care products work pretty much immediately, my other favourite thing about Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare is that Antonia herself seems to be a very hands on boss. As a trusted skincare expert, Antonia is often happy to chat about troublesome skin problems, answer questions about skincare, and sharing tips on how to maintain healthy skin.
Her latest advice comes in the form of 7 Deadly Skin Sins and how we can reverse these bad habits to benefit from a good, solid skincare routine. I thought it was really interested and I wanted to share them with you.
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Are you guilty of any of these skin sins?

VanityThou shalt not sacrifice future skin health for short term gains in the name of vanity…
Quick fixes can interfere with your equilibrium such as aggressive face peels, harsh cleansers and rough scrubs. Piling on too much make-up day after day can take on a negative effect too. Invest in skincare and gentle treatments that maintain the pH balance of your skin. Antonia Burrell’s Luminous Light Polishing Powder will help your skin look healthy and porcelain smooth. It’s a caring formula that lightly polishes, calms and regulates the skin’s sebum production to keep your skin looking bright, matte and flawless.
antonia burrell radiant light facial oil
GluttonyThou shalt not over indulge your sweet tooth
We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, but the bottom line is that sugars can trigger a harmful molecule with leads to the breakdown of collagen, connective tissues and vascular system (sounds scary, right?!). This all means that it can make you skin dull, wrinkled, premature ageing and general lacklustre as the sugar takes away nutrients from your skin. However, it’s not too late to turn back the clock or at least slow things down. Lower the sweet stuff and up the intake on superfoods that are high in anti-oxidants. Skincare products like the Radiant Light Facial Oil Serum will help build up the collagen in skin.
Anger Thou shalt not let stress take over…
This is the skin sin that I am most guilty of and I can feel it ageing me! We have so many things in this modern life to help us do things quicker and more convenient – but life still ain’t that easy and sometimes anger and stress will get the better of us. When stress hormones builds up in the body over a prolonged period of time, it triggers the release of histamine which makes the skin more sensitive. Blood flow is diverted away from vital organs which leaves a dull looking complexion. Try to de-stress by setting one or two evenings per week to pamper yourself. Have a luxurious bubble bath and put on a face mask to help you relax.
antonia burrell mask supreme
LustThou shalt not choose skincare according to what will look best on the dresser…
I am a sucker for pretty packaging and will often opt for the product that looks the nicest BUT I will try not to give in to it! With skincare, make sure you are clued up on the ingredients or formulation, it will help you decide whether it’s suitable for your skin or not. Stay clear of pore clogging mineral oils and parabens.
SlothThou shalt not fall into a lazy skincare regime…
Too many of us are skipping our skincare routine when we’re stressed or tired. Reducing it to the minimum on tired days is fine but it’s recommended to commit to a solid regime. Twice a day. Just think of all the sweat, dirt, pollution, dead skin, make-up… all trapped in your skin. Firstly, stay away from face wipes and consider double cleansing. I use Antonia Burrell’s Cleansing Oil to dissolve away the impurities, and then I cleanse again with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Your face will look brighter, cleaner and more radiant!
EnvyThou shalt not long for the complexion of others…
Everyone’s skin is different, as are there hormones, stress levels, diet and how well they take to certain products. What might work for someone but not work for you. Learning about your own skin type will help you understand what the right skincare and ingredients are suitable for you. 
GreedThou shalt not overload your skin with hundreds of products…
Oh, another one that I am guilty of! As a blogger, I am lucky that I get sent a lot of products to try out – whether it’s make-up or skincare, I love trying out different things. There has been times when I have confused my skin by overloading it with multiple products and I have to remember to slow things down. Sometimes my skin gets so stressed that I have to wear minimal make-up and stop using skincare for a week just let it breathe.
Are you guilty of any of these?
What are your 7 Deadly Skin Sins?
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8 thoughts on “7 Deadly Skin Sins & Skincare Solutions

  1. I think I'm guilty of all the sins! I'm terrible with skincare although as you mention at the start I've found natural products work best for my skin. I've had the Antonia Burell products on my to try list for the longest time I can't wait to try something from the range xx


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