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Usually, I hate blogging about hair products because I find it boring and I feel that no one wants to read about hair products? I don’t know, I could be wrong but recently, due to a damaged hair crisis, I’ve been focusing on hair products and I have been trying so many new things in hope that some of the products will work to repair my dull, damaged hair.
I don’t know why my hair is in such a bad way at the moment, it could be one of the cheap shampoos that I’ve been using, maybe the at-home hair dye kits or perhaps general lack of vitamins – probably all three, actually! 
While I lay off the DIY dye kits for now and getting myself on the right vitamin supplements, I’ve been trying a few a lot of different hair products lately. The idea is to eventually whittle it down and invest in some high quality, high performance products for a simple but effective routine, but recently, I’m putting in a lot of time in to my hair. 
Apart from my regular weekday washes, I’m spending one day a week to give my hair a bit of TLC. From pre-shampoo conditioners, shampoo, vinegar rinse, hair mask, deep treatments, oil treatments and blow dry, I’ve been spending about a strenuous 3-4 hours (it’s mostly the waiting around for the hair mask to do it’s magic) every weekend to help restore my hair to a better condition. It’s something I should have been doing already… better late than never?…maybe?

shampoo and conditioner for dry dull hair
Shampoos And Conditioners
Schwarzkopf essense Ultime Crystal Shine Shampoo (£4.99) and Conditioner (£4.99)
This range smells really good, it has a sweet scent to it. I can’t pin point what it is – I’ve tried to find out more information but haven’t had much luck – but all I care about is that is smells really nice! The range is developed with Claudia Schiffer and the formula contains liquidised crystals, pearl essence, panthenol, refined protein and keratin to give the hair an enhanced shine.
Liz Earle Botanical Shine* Shampoo (£10) and Conditioner (£10)
My obsession for Liz Earle beauty products continues as the latest one that I’ve been testing out is their hair care. In the past, I heard the Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo been described as their cleanse and polish but for hair. Sounds good to me! It’s a nourishing, moisturising, reinforcing and has an uplifting formula that looks after your hair without stripping it from it’s natural oils. It’s an SLS free formula with key ingredients such as West African Shea Butter, apple and orange extracts, patchouli essential oils, vanilla absolute, aloe vera and vitamin E to name a few.
The formula of the conditioner has been improved with the addition of Kalahari melon oil to nourish and condition. The conditioner is available in a normal, dry or oily hair option. And the shampoo is suitable for all hair types, including coloured treated hair. 
treatment and styling products for dry, dull hair
Treatments And Styling Products
Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-Licious Hair Oil With Argan Oil*, £3.99
Argan Oil is still a hugely popular ingredient in the beauty world and it has been in my hair care routine for a couple of years now for it’s power to enhance shine and smoothness. After finishing a bottle of Morronoil, I’ve moved on to Schwarzkopf’s Got2b Oil-licious hair oil. The consistency is quite thick but it’s not as gloopy as Morroconoil. It’s quite a small bottle but you only need one pump of it. There’s several ways of using it and it is suitable to daily use. You can 1) apply it to hair before shampooing, 2) apply it to damp hair before styling and 3) use on dry hair to tame.
Argan Secret Perfect End Styling Cream, £12.95
This time, the argan oil treatment is in the form of a cream and it’s designed to go against split ends and help wispy ends to thicken. The treatment boasts a special nutrient delivery system that is fortified with Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins and Panthenol which makes you hair appear thicker. 
Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Crystal Shine Heat Protector*, £5.49
I featured this in my recent ‘dry skin and hair beauty heroes‘. I would recommend using a heat protector on your hair every time you use heat appliances. It doesn’t matter which heat protector you use as long as you use one! It keeps split ends at bay, helps your hair to stay in good shape for longer, and it honestly does makes a big difference. This one from Schwarzkopf is inexpensive, smells nice and does the trick!
Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Crystal Shine Styling Oil*, £5.49
This is similar to the Got2b Oil-licious hair oil but it feels more like a styling oil than a treatment. Again, you can use this pre-shampoo, on damp hair and/or dry so there’s multiple ways of achieving shiny, silky, glossy locks. Out of the two, I prefer Oil-licious for the way it makes my hair feel but if you’re looking for something that is specially formulated to transform dull hair to shiny goodness!
treatment and styling products for dry dull hair
Swell Dry Shampoo*, £20
You’re probably thinking the same as me when I first heard about Swell’s Dry Shampoo….. I bet you’re thinking ‘HOW MUCH?!” and wondering why a dry shampoo would be so expensive. And out of everything I have featured in this blogpost, the dry shampoo is the one that cost the most. Honestly, my first thoughts were the same. How can a dry shampoo cost so much?!

I been using this for many many months now, like a lot, and the contents of the bottle has hardly shifted. It’s still so full! I got it 8 months ago so in the time that I would have gone through two cans of Batiste, I’ve used about 1cm of the bottle of Swell’s premium dry shampoo! It’s going to last me another 12 months I reckon, maybe more, even with daily use. Not bad going for a dry shampoo that’s the size of a small can of Batiste! (It’s actually even a little bit smaller!)

Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-licious Weightless Dry Oil Mist*, £4.19
I’ve never come across a dry oil that is specifically for hair and this seems like a unique product for taming fly aways. Spraying the oil on to hair using short bursts, it smoothes, de-tangles, adds shine and tames with immediate results. It is weightless as it states on the packaging, it doesn’t feel like there’s anything on your hair at all, the oil comes out so fine you can hardly detect it. Suitable for frizzy, fine, and unmanageable hair.

treatment and styling products for dry dull hair

Richard Ward Argan Intense Treatment*, £5.99
Finally, (thanks for bearing with me!!), last but not least, it’s an anti-ageing hair butter! It’s not anti-ageing as in it prevent greys (I wish!) but it does hydrate and lock in moisture. The hair butter is an intense mask with the goodness of Argan Oil. The best thing is that the Richard Ward hair care range is really affordable. It is available from Waitrose, and I can see this being in a monthly favourites or a future empties blogpost SOON!

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11 thoughts on “11 Products To Try For Dull, Damaged Hair

  1. I enjoyed this post and will definitely be seeking out some of the products you have tried (some you have mentioned I already use) my hair is not happy at the moment and I made the drastic decision to chop it off and start again. Something that seemed to really help my very dry and brittle hair is a protein treatment (Aphogee two step treatment) and also Redken anti snap shampoo and conditioner. I'm now in growing out short hair hell!

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