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I live close to Durham, but I’m embarrassed to say that have I never visited the place properly. I’d say that I’ve been there about 5 times in my life, to do really boring things like driving theory test, going to an appointment at the passport office, or another chore that’s equally as boring. 
On a whim, we decided to drive to Durham for dinner at Bill’s but it was still bright outside so we went for a quick walk first! The shops were all closed so the streets were quiet, but it was nice to peaceful stroll! I also took a few photos on my phone too!
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durham cathedral
old english street
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river in durham
We walked up to the cathedral (which I think it lit at night time) and we crossed over the bridge for a couple of snaps. Durham is a really beautiful city, such a pretty part of the country and I never fully appreciated it until now. I was watching Theory Of Everything months ago and admired how beautiful England looked. I feel that Durham has a very Cambridge-esque feel to it, it has the a huge amount of charm and beauty. I definitely need to go back and explore what the city has to offer.
bill's restaurant
treacle tart

After our evening walk, we went for dinner at Bill’s. I love Bill’s, it’s always such a chilled atmosphere. Good food and great service. I went for a un-adventurous fish and chips which came with mushy peas, tartare sauce and picked onions. I wanted to try a side portion of the kale chips (I didn’t really like them so I won’t be ordering them again). And finally, a dinner is not complete without pudding, so we ordered a treacle tart and caramel ice cream to share.

Hopefully I’ll be back in Durham soon and I’ll take my big camera with me to get some proper photos! Can’t wait to have a good nose about the city!

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12 thoughts on “Photo Diary: An Evening In Durham

  1. You really should go for a proper visit, it's so lovely during the day. You can climb the cathedral for amazing roof top views, walk along the river and get the most perfect cup of coffee from Flat White!

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