How does Ice Cream inspired scented candles sound to you? SO good, right?! Kiss-Air launched their new Ice Cream Parlour Summer collection and there are five new candles added to their range, all of which are inspired by popular ice cream flavours!
ice cream scented candles for summer
The Ice Cream Parlour collection will consist of Mint Choc Chip, Salted Caramel, Mango Sorbet, Rum and Raisin, and Black Cherry scented candles. Does any of them tickle your fancy? It’s going to be difficult to choose one!
I’ve been trying three of the candles which are made of soy wax for a cleaner burn, and from past experience, Kiss-Air hand-made scented candles smell pretty close to the real thing. They smell great, fairly intense and authentic, and I like that it’s made from soy wax burns for more gentle and cleaner burn.
Ice cream scented candles
Mint Choc Chip* is such a classic, and it’s one of my favourite ice-creams ever since I was little! I remember being at the beach with my family when I was younger and I would only ever go for the mint choc chip ice creams (and milkshakes). This mint choc chip candle has an equal blend of peppermint and bitter dark chocolate chips, it’s just soooo good! I think it’s quite difficult to detect both scent of the mint and chocolate in candles and also beauty products, it’s usually more minty than it is chocolatey! But Kiss-Air has done a good job – there’s no mistaking that this is mint choc chip and it hits the right spot!
Salted Caramel* is a modern ‘foodie’ flavour that has been very popular in that past few years, it has popped up everywhere! I love salted caramel, it’s a unusual but a delicious flavour combination that goes together so well! The candle has notes of sweetened creamed butter, sea salt, caramel, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk. It is a sweet and smooth scent but not too sickly, as it has a burnt and toasty edge to it – still, it’s definitely one for those with a sweet tooth! 
Mango Sorbet* is a refreshing blend of exotic ripe mango, lemon and raspberry. It’s a mouthwatering, juicy, fruity candle with tropical notes that takes you back to the memories of a blissful Summer holiday! Mango Sorbet is a gorgeous fragrance that it suitable for everyone because you’ll know exactly what to expect (it smells just like a Solero ice cream lolly!)

ice cream inspired candles
Kiss-Air’s Ice Cream Parlour Collection candles can be purchased on their website, as well as there other yummy-smelly scents (and there are over 25 of them!) ! Prices of the products are as follows:
votives (£2.25)
travel sized candle (£5)
large tins (£8.50)
wax melts (£1.25)
tea lights (£5 per pack)
and a small collection of candle accessories.
The candles pictured above are the large tins and they burn for up to 30 hours. Please take care when handling the metal tins, the metal gets really hot when the candle has been burning. It is also advisable to place the tins on a heatproof mat when burning the candle.
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