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Things I Love About Spring

Although there isn’t really much to love about Spring right now because it’s so cold! I’m sat here typing this blogpost up in a thick woollen jumper and as I look outside the window, I can see the street lights are already switched on (and it’s not even 2pm yet).
Anyway, the dull British weather aside, I want to get in to the spirit of Spring and appreciate it more so for a bit of fun, I thought I would do this Spring tag that I’ve seen floating around YouTube and Blogs for years! 

pastel nail polish for spring
1. Favourite Spring nail polish?
I like so many shades that I could never limit myself according to the season! At the moment, I’m loving the Models Own HyperGel Collection, especially Cerise Shine. And I suppose it is quite difficult to avoid pastels nail polishes when Spring comes round and I’d say that Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is my fave! 
soap and glory sexy mother pucker lip gloss crayons
2. What is your must-have lip colour this Spring?
For Spring, I like a sheer lip colour that’s moisturising with a fairly good amount of coverage like Benefit’s BeneBalm or Revlon Lip Butter. I also think that MAC’s lustre lipsticks are pretty nice for Spring and my current favourite shades are See Sheer and 5-Alarm. For something a bit more subtle on the days where I’m not wearing as much make-up, I reach for the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons by Soap&Glory.

pineapple print playsuit, pineapple print tshirt
3. Show us your favourite Spring dress!
There was a time where I was a dress-aholic and at one point, I owned around 60 dresses but I sold most of them on eBay so I don’t really have a favourite dress anymore. However, I’ve been loving playsuits and had a couple of nice ones last Spring like this pineapple print playsuit and the grid print one. I only got to wear them twice because the weather in the UK wasn’t warm enough, so I hope to more wear out of them as soon as the weather perks up.

beautiful pink and purple flower bouquet
4. What’s your favourite flowers?
I don’t know what flowers are currently ‘in season’ but I like peonies, tulips and roses!
5. Favourite Spring fashion accessory?
A scarf is like a comfort blanket for me because I get so used to wearing one for 6 months of the year and I get quite attached to it! For the transition, I like to switch from knitted scarf to one that is made of thinner material. A scarf if still an essential accessory if you live in England. It’s so bloomin’ cold!
6. What Spring trend(s) are you most excited about? (beauty or fashion)
I would love to be ones of those people who can experiment with the trendiest make-up looks but my face isn’t versatile enough so I just stick to the shades that suit my skintone! I know, borrrrring! My favourite fashion trends this Spring is the 70’s one, but to be honest, I haven’t been in to trends this year. It’s far too cold to look fashionable for Spring. Also, I didn’t get to wear the clothes I bought last Spring/Summer that much so I’ll just whip them out the wardrobe again!
new cafe culture candles by yankee candle

7. Favourite Spring candle?
I LOVE candles and so many of them scattered about in my flat. Right now, I am enjoying the Cafe Culture Collection by Yankee Candle which I blogged about yesterday. It’s quite different from the typical floral or fruity Spring fragrances which is nice! The Cafe Culture Collection consists of the following three scents; Pain au Raisin, Tarte Tatin and Cappuccino Truffle. They smell DELICIOUS! 
chloe de roses perfume
8. Favourite body spray or perfume for Spring?
Oh, sooo many to choose from, I can’t decide so I might pick a few! My favourite body spray for Spring is Bombshells In Bloom from Victoria’s Secrets and my current favourite perfumes are the following: Philosophy’s Fresh Cream eau de toilette, Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess and Chloe De Roses.
9. What is Spring like where you live?
As I’ve mentioned, it’s cold! The weather is unpredictable and right now, it’s windy and there’s a lot of rain. It might look bright and sunny in the mornings, but you better remember to pack that umbrella in case it rains later on!
10. What’s your favourite thing about Spring?
It definitely has to be the fact that it stays brighter for longer. Speaking as a blogger, getting more hours of daylight makes it a lot easier. But I also love that everything comes to life again, and all the flowers and trees start growing again!

gold pineapple ornament for home

11. Are you a Spring cleaner?
Yes, and I’ve just had a good Spring clean! I even gave all the furniture in my flat a fresh lick of paint too and what a huge difference it makes! I found my little painting project very therapeutic and I’m sad it’s over! I might start on the walls next!
Spring cleaning is always a daunting task, but I try not to get too attached to things so when I tackle the Spring clean, it’s easy for me to chuck things out or give stuff to charity. My favourite things to do is sorting out my make-up and skincare products!
12. Any plans for upcoming vacation?
I have no plans to go abroad this Spring but I am taking a “stay-cation” city break to Liverpool next week. I hate to bang on about the weather but it’s forecasted to rain the whole time, with 20-40mph winds (WHAT!). Nevertheless, I am looking forward to getting away and exploring Liverpool. If anyone has any recommendations, please leave them in the comments! I always love going somewhere in the UK in Spring and last year, we visited London for a few days. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this Spring tag! I tag all bloggers reading this to answer the same questions!
What’s your favourite thing about Spring?
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